2017 my recap in medals

I have had a fantastic 2017. I have ran more than ever before, and Running has never been as much fun. This year I have paced 18 official events. I want to do a running recap, and what better way than to do it in medals. As you look through I will provide a brief overview with a link to full race reviews. So take a look at how my year has been, and if you are interested in any particular event, follow the link.

I had great ambitions leading into 2017. At the end of 2016 I wrote about “what motivates people“. I said I was looking forward to pacing 3 Marathons, and wanted to PB at Ironman.

I had been pacing for 4 years and had finally been accepted at a few more marathons. I had gradually been building my pacing portfolio, pacing lots of half marathons, but had only paced the London Marathon. Those that know me will know how important pacing is to me; how I love to help people achieve their goals. This has taken me 4 years to build up and I started 2017 having paced 22 events. Something clicked in 2017, and I have had to turn down dozens of events, and I end 2017 having paced 40 events. So how did the year go?


The year started slowly, and after ending 2016 on a high I didn’t do any races in January.


I kicked off the year in February by pacing the Watford half Marathon. I was the 1:40 Pacer for Xempo and brought the funbus home in 1:39:26. Not a bad start to the year and lots of happy runners.

Next up was the Jaw Dropper. A 6 hour timed event with Phoenix Running, and my first marathon of the year. I came home in 3:52, taking it easy as this was my first ever back to back marathon.

The very next day I was back to take on the same course, and this time it was the Dirty Running. I had hoped for two sub 4, but it wasn’t to be. I was tired and finished my second marathon of the year in 4:13.


A modest February led to a huge March. First up was Milton Keynes Festival half marathon. I paced the 1:45 funbus for Xempo and delivered in 1:44:38. It was my first “swimrun” owing to the floods in the underpasses.

Next up was the Silverstone Half Marathon. I paced this event for Runners World for the 3rd time and had a target time of 1:45. I brought lots of happy runners home in 1:44:56, very pleased with this result.

The following week was pretty special, my 3rd Marathon of the year and my first International event of the year, Limassol Marathon. I had an absolutely fantastic time, so much so that I decided before I left that I would be back in 2018. This was a fast flat course, and even though I was nowhere near my best, and had not been doing speed work, I was on for a PB. Towards the end I backed off as I had a busy pacing calendar coming up, but still managed 3:12:58 which I was very happy with.

The following week I was back pacing again, this time the Kingston Breakfast Run for Human Race. This run was on Mother’s Day so I went for the shortest and quickest option I could, which was 8.2 miles and 8 min miles. With a target of 1:05:36 I was very happy to arrive in 1:05:14.


After a busy March I started the very next weekend by pacing my first Marathon of the year; Manchester Marathon. This was the start of my new adventure of pacing more marathons, and I managed to get a place pacing 4:45. I had a wonderful time and finished with lots of happy runners in 4:44:51 not bad at all.

Straight back into my next marathon, and the next week I ran Brighton Marathon. I tried setting the pace for Michael as he had asked previously. We had a great time but towards the end I had to ease off the pace. I didn’t have a great run to be honest and the heat, lack of water and tired legs took its toll. Still happy finishing in 3:39:39.

I had a weekend off to rest, ready for one of my highlights of the year. I paced London Marathon for the 4th time for Runners World; the 6th time I ran this event. Once again I paced the sub4 funbus and managed to deliver lots of very happy runners to the time of 3:59:49.

The next week I paced Hackney Half Marathon for the first time for Virgin Sport. I had a brilliant time and decided to wear a morph suit. When I suggested this the organisers jumped at the idea of the 1:40 Pacer wearing the morph suit. It made it much harder to run, but we finished in 1:39:43.

That wasn’t it. The organisers contacted me to say that they were short of a Pacer for their 5.5k race. So after the half I took my morph suit off and paced the sub 30 group. It was much more relaxed, but I found the course to be short, I finished in 28:14, with my pace spot on target, but still surrounded by happy runners.


It was bank holiday weekend, so the very next day I was back again, this time pacing Milton Keynes Half Marathon. This was the second time pacing this event and I was back to Pace 1:45. I once again enjoyed pacing a happy group to 1:44:31.

Next up I felt the need, the need for speed. I took part in a midweek event with Phoenix Running, Top Run. I had just come out of two months of solid running, so I was tired and didn’t expect much. The main overall aim was to do sub4, but wanted to have a little blow out at the start. I finished in 3:49:16.

Just two days later I was back again to run pyjama-thon, another marathon with Phoenix Running. This time it was a change of venue and I was asked to lead the first 5 k lap to help guide the way. So I started early to help set up the course, and then ensured I was at the front for the first lap. I then slowed down and struggled to a 4:25:28.

The following week I was back pacing the Windsor Trail Half Marathon. Not only did I Pace the 1:45 group, but I organised all the pacers for F3events. The course was lovely, but the organisers failed to tell us that the course was over half a marathon. Because they did not tell any of the pacers this vital piece of information we all finished above target. We were all very annoyed by this, as we were all on target, but the lack of information from the organisers impacted on us. I finished in 1:46:23, but was on target to be 20 seconds under as planned at the correct distance.

I ended May pacing my 3rd marathon of the year, sub 4 #funbus once again, at Liverpool Marathon. I gave my first talk at the expo and then I ran 3:59:34. It felt great and had some great runners finish with me who were very happy to break sub4.


I kicked off June with another Marathon. Already this was more marathons in a year than I’ve ever done before, and just half way through the year. I took part in “who ya gunna call” 6 hour timed event with Phoenix. My main goal was sub 4 and I achieved 3:57:27.

The next day I took on St Albans Half Marathon for the second time. I paced this tough course for Xempo, aiming for 1:40 and arrived in 1:39:59, couldn’t do much better than that.


In July I decided I better start doing some training for my Ironman that was nearing fast. I joined Epsom Triathlon Club to take on Bananaman for the second time, we did the team event and it was a great way to start off the year in Tri.

The next day I was back to pacing again, this time a 10k. As I’ve not been doing speed work I find the pace of the 10k more challenging. I paced 45 minutes at British 10k, delivering the funbus in 44:40.

From my shortest distance of the year to my longest run. The next weekend I took on a personal challenge of 100k at Race to the Stones. This was my 4th 100 k, it was tough, but I finished with a heel kick in 14:12:06.

After my longest run of the year it was time for my first ever sportive, Ridelondon 100. In fairness I did have an Ironman the next month and hadn’t done any cycle training, this was not the plan. Obviously I wasn’t expecting miracles, but happy to have finished in 6:31:07.


August was a month of just one event, but it was a big one. My second Ironman. I take part in Ironman to push myself, take myself outside my comfort, and because I can. This is what I try pass on to everyone, that a key part of success is your confidence. I’m not the fastest, but I do my best. I completed Ironman Kalmar in 13:33:13, over a 30 minutes PB.


After a bit of a break I began to get restless, so much so that I decided to enter a Marathon last minute. The night before Mogwai 6 hour timed event I contacted Rik to see if I could enter. He had a space, but the day of the event all went wrong, with numerous train cancellations and delays I turned up to the event 20 minutes after the start. I finished in 3:55:21 according to my watch, and was out of sync from the start.

It then got very busy again. It started with Kew Garden 10k, what a beautiful venue for a run. Once again I organised the entire pace team, and I paced 45 minutes myself. I ran with Danny and we had a lot of fun along the way, coming in at 44:50.

It got a bit messy, as later on the same day I went to take part in Swim Serpentine 2 mile race. Fortunately they had various starts so I was able to fit both races in. I’m not much of a swimmer and normally wouldn’t even consider this race. The only reason I did is because they released the London Classics medal, and I had already done London Marathon and Ridelondon.

I was back the very next day pacing 1:40 at Reigate Half Marathon for Xempo. Reigate is a tough, yet enjoyable course which is reasonably local to me. I delivered the funbus in 1:39:50.

I am very excited by the way I ended September, pacing my second Abbot World Major event. I paced the sub4 funbus at Berlin Marathon and delivered in 3:59:51, with consistent splits.


I kicked off October with Royal Parks. In its 10th year I took part for the 6th time. Royal Parks was the 1st event I ever paced and this marked the 5th time I paced it at 1:40 for Xempo. I have always enjoyed this event and delivered the funbus in 1:39:44.

The next weekend I was back on the sub4 funbus pacing the Inaugural Birmingham International Marathon for GreatRun. I slowed down at the line to bring over the final few with me and my official time was exactly 4:00:00 hours.

With each run I do it’s only a matter of time before “I’ll be back” and I took part in another 6 hour timed event with Phoenix Running, for fun. I led the first lap for them again and I struggled thereafter. I finished in 4:14:44 not a sub 4 but happy with the for a training run.


Next up was the Ballbuster. A bloody tough event with no medal. I realised that the last time I used my bike was my Ironman in August, so not the best start. I found it tough but I got through it.

Next up was the amazing trip to Vegas for the Marathon and 5k. I was so lucky to win this prize from CEP and voted for by the running community. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget, thank you everyone.


I ended the year by pacing my 40th event and 18th of the year with Hogsback road race. It was a strange distance and bloody hard race. I was asked to Pace 8 minute miles and I delivered exactly that.

I have had a fantastic year of running, and I can’t see how I could possibly improve on this year. I can’t sustain doing as many events all the time, mainly because of work and trying to maintain quality time with my family. I will therefore need to prioritise events that are local to me, and travel to the larger events. I can’t do them all unfortunately. I already have a fantastic line up for 2018 and have been invited back to Pace Manchester, London, Liverpool and Berlin marathons. I have also been given the opportunity to not only pace Limassol, but to get together the first ever Pace Team. My goal for 2018 is to continue enjoying running, and deliver every time to help 1000’s more people achieve their goals and PB’s. I will aim to PB at Ironman Hamburg (I really need to train this time), and will add another ultra. I would like to build in some speed work, I will not commit to anything but if I find the time to train you may see me go for a max effort attempt myself towards the end of the year. Let’s wait and see how it goes, but one thing is for sure, I will be driving the #funbus a lot.

I have been nominated for two awards and would appreciate your votes.

Running Awards please register follow online publication, blog and Pick up the Pace Paul HERE.

RunUltra just find Paul Addicott scroll down and enter Here.

Thank you

6 thoughts on “2017 my recap in medals

    1. Oh mate please donโ€™t. I have been running for many years and itโ€™s built up slowly… this year has been crazy and I am pacing so running at a lower intensity, which makes recovery easier.

      Only compare against yourself and not others… enjoy what you are doing ๐Ÿ‘ see you out there


      1. Lol don’t worry. It is what it is. You have put the effort in and are reaping the rewards. My comment while true was mainly tongue in cheek.


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