• 10k PB- 37:27 – British 10k 2012
  • Half marathon PB- 1:23:25 – Bath Half Marathon 2011
  • Marathon PB- 3:08:53 – London Marathon 2013
  • 100k PB – 11:43:20 – Grand union Canal

I have always been relatively active, but never took running too seriously when I was younger. In 2006 I did my first event, which was a half marathon, on my birthday. Why…? Just because – no particular reason other than I thought it was a good challenge. Did I train… NO

My next event was in 2007 where I thought I would try and better my time, which I did by 10 minutes. Did I train…? Not really, I’m just stubborn.

My next event was not until 2009, again a half marathon, but this time I was not fit. Not only had I not been running, but I had put on weight and not been training at all… A will to achieve can only get you so far, and I suffered in this event, and ended with shin splints as a reward.

This was the start of my running, I decided I needed to put a bit of effort in and spent the next couple of years doing 10k and half marathons, and I was improving. I was quickly smashing PBs regularly.  I then decided to try a marathon, and I decided this would be the London Marathon in 2011. Of course I did not get into the ballot, which left charity. Lots of good causes but I decided that I would pick a smaller charity for animals; Save the Rhino. Only problem is there was an option to wear their huge rhino costume, and if you know me, you know I can’t help but love a challenge, so you guessed it, my first marathon was in a rhino costume, I was “horny Paul”. I went off too fast and suffered, but hey, at least it was a PB. It did not take long to shave hours off my time… Literally!

Shortly after this I was presented with an opportunity to pace a half marathon for Xempo. The rest is history. I found a love for pacing… I spent years massively chasing PBs and pushing myself to deliver time and time again, but I found that pacing was so much more rewarding… I now regularly pace marathons and half marathons around the world, usually 1:40 half and the sub 4 #funbus. I find helping people to achieve their goals so much more rewarding than pushing myself further.

2013 something wonderful happened, I was blessed with my first child “Benjamin”, and in 2015 “Amelie” come along. Since then training was not the same, and I struggled to stay at my best.

Now the children are starting to get a little older I will start venturing towards getting some speed back, but for now I have found the joy of helping others achieve PB’s far exceeds that of gaining my own. I am a pacer, that is what I do, and I hope to continue to help people hit their targets, and motivate those around me as I go.

I badly sprained my ankle just after Amelie was born and could barely walk, I stayed positive and entered an Ironman for 2016… Why?? I thought I would cross train and like a challenge… I AM AN IRONMAN 👌👌👌

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Paul,
    I came across your blog from FB (The running community) and I used to follow you on IG (I no longer have an account) you were always one of my fav accounts because you were genuinely positive about running and everyone involved! This might sound odd but which marathons will you pace next year? I’d love to aim for
    Sub 4 but I struggle with pacing! 😦
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Jade thank you so much. In spring UK I have Manchester, Brighton, liverpool and hopefully London. All great events. Manchester best for PV, liverpool great after party and bling, and brighton has great support on seafront


  2. Hi Paul
    Just found your blog whilst searching for details on Beachy Head Marathon, Thank you for the 4hr pacing at Manchester Marathon this year. I managed to stay with you till mile 21 then lack of training and blisters meant I couldn’t stay with the pace till the end. Managed 4hrs 10mins but sub 4 would have been great. Will be running/walking Beachy Head Marathon this coming Saturday for the 3rd or 4th time


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