What are your 2021 Goals?

Usually I am pretty certain about my goals for the year. I am a strong believer that target setting is important to help maintain motivation, and provide structure. Every year I set goals with confidence, knowing that I may not achieve them all, but knowing that this depends on my commitment and determination. I therefore usually book events a year in advance, and by now I would usually have the whole of 2021 mapped out. 2020 changed this for me. After having clear marathon plans in 2020, knowing I would reach over 100 races as an official pacer, hit over 80 marathons, and writing my itinerary for marathons HERE, this was taken out of my control. Therefore this year I will write down my goals, but some of these will not be as clearly defined, and based on a reality that 2021 starts uncertain for us all.

Out of uncertainty there comes opportunities

Before I go into some specific goals, I have some basic goals. Stay injury free; Get back in Shape; Complete 2021 miles in 2021. I also want to see many people at start lines, and travel having family adventures.

Sub 3 attempt

One thing for sure is I want to work towards a sub 3 marathon and Boston Qualifier. This is going to require some real hard work, commitment and determination. Not only with my training, but lifestyle. Over the last few years I’ve put on weight, and over the last year with covid I have drunk too much alcohol. I have put on weight, and I am carrying too much excess for a sub 3 attempt. I am feeling lethargic and that will not help me hit my goals. So I am going to focus, starting with January, on drinking more water, less alcohol, and eating healthier. This alongside some dedicated training, with the support of Coach Kev, will put me in a good place.

Coach Kev putting me through my paces

Pacing around the World

The fact that my love of running comes from running with, and supporting others has not changed. Therefore although I know it will be more limited, I absolutely hope to pace more events around the world. I already know some events will now clash, and I know that others will not happen. So 2021 will not be as great as 2020 was planned to be, but to be honest, it will be a step in the right direction.

London, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Manchester, Prague, Brighton Marathon, plus many half’s and 10k are all in the pipeline and possibilities. Many are unconfirmed, and will very much depend on the Covid situation, but I am hopeful that at least some will happen.

I already know I cannot pace Rome because of a clash, Miami has already been cancelled and Richmond aren’t having pacers. There are others that have or will clash, but 2022 will be the one to plan for.

Cannot wait to be at a start line waiting to lead the #funbus

Ultra Marathon Goals

I don’t have any real targets for my love of ultra running, other than to complete. So far I am booked on to Race To The King, which I am really looking forward to after Race To The Stones and Race To The Tower. It will be my 6th Ultra, and I always love to take myself out of my comfort zone. I would love to sign up for more and looking forward to it.

Jumping for Joy at Threshold events

Ironman California

Possibly the worst cancellation of 2020 was Ironman Santa Rosa. I found this extremely stressful, as it was a huge expense, and a dream family holiday. It was the first time planned to do an Ironman out of Europe, and we had great plans. It was perfect owing to the dates, but its now.been rearranged and moved to Sacremento. The date is not ideal, as it is in term time, but we are determined to follow through with our plans.

My last and slowest Ironman

This will be my 5th Ironman. I wanted to do at least one a year, but 2020 just was not possible. This time I want to train properly, and I am already building bike stamina on my Echelon Spin bike. I love the classes and I am feeling confident that I will be able to get to the start line in the best bike shape ever.

Ready to improve my bike time

Looking for Adventure

I am also on the look out for a big adventure. I have a few ideas in mind, but am open for suggestions. I would love to do MDS, but can’t afford it right now. I’m looking for something to push my boundaries, something that’s not easily achievable. If you have ideas, then let me know.

Looking for adventure

So what are your plans for 2021? Let me know.

2 thoughts on “What are your 2021 Goals?

  1. Brilliant plans and I hope you get to achieve them.

    I want to build on the doable and continue to run 100 mile months through the year (I did May-December last year with one 99.4 making me cross in July). Stretch goal is to make it past that 1200 to 1256 which is 2021 km. Quite a lot for a small middle aged slow lady, but I did 1151 miles last year and felt OK on it. Spent TEN WHOLE DAYS doing that, mind!

    I want to do a few more charity virtuals and run a half on my birthday (21.1km on 21/1). I haven’t been doing much distance so a slight push but hopefully with a friend. Not sure what I’ll do if I can’t take the friend with me.

    Best of luck to you and all your other readers with all your / their plans!


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