Echelon Family Review

As part of my Triathlon training this year I wanted to focus more on the bike. I have a good running base, and during Ironman it is the Run where I perform best. With the largest part of the race on the bike, it is logical to focus improvements in this area.

Echelon Family

I looked into Turbo Trainers, and although I love the idea of longer rides, I find that I get more motivation from targeted sessions, something I have never found through cycling before. The thing that attracted me to Echelon was the live classes. It is fantastic to be able to jump onto the bike, whether it is for 10, 20, 30, 45 or even 75 minute classes, and be able to join a live class. I find these best as it keeps me focused, as I want to hold a place on the leaderboard.

Echelon App during a class

The leaderboard won’t be for everyone, so this can be turned off, so it’s just you and the instructor. Also, the class for you won’t always be at the time you want, so it’s good that there are a wide range of classes on demand.

Echelon Family Community

Probably the best feature I have found so far is ethos of the Echelon Family. There is always great support on social media, with a Facebook community group, and the Instructors are all so motivating. When I’m on a ride I am always encouraged to push that little bit more. Echelon lives by the ‘Never Train Alone’ mantra. This is what I need to improve, as with a basic stationary bike I’ve never pushed myself enough, and it’s easy to work within comfort. With an Instructor pushing you and a leaderboard to track everyone else, it keeps me accountable.

Ready for a class with Echelon

During the rides it measures cadence “how fast you are moving the pedals”, resistance “how hard it is to move the pedals” and output “a combination of the two”. Depending on the class and instructor you are led through rides usually by cadence and resistance. The resistance ranges from 1 to 32, and it is up to you how hard you make it. The harder the resistance the greater your output, and higher up the leaderboard you will be.

The instructors all vary, but use the same effort instructions: Easy, Moderate, Challenging, Hard, All Out… so you find the right resistance that matches the effort for you.

Smiling before the sweat fest

So far having my Echelon has encouraged me to do 2 to 3 rides a week, and as I get into my training I plan on taking part in some longer rides, doubling up, and increasing frequency. I am feeling pretty confident that I’m going to get myself in the best bike shape I’ve ever been in, and improve my strength and running in the process.

Do you spin or cross train some other way? What is your favourite session?

Taking part in a Beginner Class with Echelon

AD / PR – Although I wanted an Echelon spin bike, and am using it for my Ironman training. I am working in collaboration with Echelon to review the Echelon Ex3.

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