Running Motivation – with Elizabeth (@Along4therun)

My Running Motivation series is designed to offer everyone a little bit of motivation in the dark, cold months. Whilst everyone starts their Spring event training, or have a desire to get active, it is good to hear from a range of people with their top tips. My next guest is the wonderful Canadian running mummy Elizabeth.

What has been the highlight of 2019? and why?

My 2019 running highlight was definitely the Vienna Marathon last April. I trained hard throughout the winter and managed a 12+min PB on race day. Vienna is a beautiful city and the race was nothing short of spectacular with amazing crowd support. My wheels fell off during that race at about the 30th km and it was brutal. I struggled hard for the last hour but I still somehow managed a PB so I’m super proud of that. I finished the race broken and have strugged on and off with injury since but I learned a lot about perseverence in those 42.2km. And the medal is a gold star with a swaravski crystal in it! The most beautiful medal I’ve ever earned.

What are you most looking forward to in 2020? and why?

I am most looking forward to racing some shorter distances and rebuilding my speed. I have struggled on/off with injury the past 6 months so focusing on shorter distances for a while while incorporating strength, mobility and stability work should help me comeback stronger for the next marathon training cycle. Also, half marathons are my favourite distance and I’m looking forward to running more of them in 2020.

What are your top three tips to stay motivated to run?

1. Always keep your long-term goal in mind but don’t burn yourself out by doing to much too soon. I like to break my training down into mini goals that eventually add up to my main goal.

2. Don’t dwell too much on the weather. It always looks worse out the window. Thinking about it for too long can suck the motivation right out of you but once you’re out there, it’s really not so bad.

3. Remember you’re doing this for YOU. Often times I’m so busy looking after little humans that it’s the only thing I’m doing for myself and that time just for ME keeps me tremendously motivated. I also find that by doing it for myself, I don’t hold myself to any standards or expectations and this allows running to be liberating and fun which can also be a huge motivator. Sometimes just simply reminding myself that this is for me, my health, my mental health and happiness, is enough to get me out the door

What fantastic advice from Elizabeth. I think the last point is often forgotten along the way, and is the most important. Whatever your goals, remember you are doing it for you… have fun on the journey, and keep going. What are you up to in 2020, what are you most looking forward to?

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