My 2018 recap

2018 has been an incredible year of running and pacing, and I will once again do a highlight review. Throughout my recap I will highlight events by their medal, share a few of my thoughts about the event, and link my race review in case you want to read some more.

Running Highlights

2017 was amazing and I set myself goals to continue enjoying running, helping others by pacing all over the world, PB Ironman, run another ultra and get faster BLOG. This year has been amazing, and I have managed to pace many more international events than I had hoped. I featured on Runners world in the UK and USA. Along with winning an award for my blog, it was a pretty good year. I didnt technically PB my Ironman as the swim was cancelled, I didn’t do an ultra, and I certainly didnt improve my speed… but I couldn’t be happier.


National Running Show bling

National Running Show – BLOG

Ok, so I’m starting off with something that’s not an actual event, but I did get a medal nevertheless. This was my first medal of 2018, and it was for a treadmill challenge at the show. I even won a pair of trainers. This was a fantastic inaugural event, and I’m looking forward to being back again in 2019, who will be joining me?


Watford half medal

Watford Half Marathon- BLOG

For my first event of the year I took on the Watford Half as the 1:40 pacer. This is a lovely small local event put on by the local club. Not a lot of thrills, but one I always enjoy pacing to kick off the season. I finished in 1:39:47.

Big bling

Breakfast Marathon – BLOG

My first marathon of the year was a friendly Phoenix Running event. I always use these as long run motivation. 3:54:25.

Hampton Court half medal

Hampton Court Half Marathon – BLOG

The Hampton Court is another local event for me, and another I pace for Xempo at 1:40. I finished with lots of smiles at 1:39:47.

Oulton park half medal

Oulton Park Half Marathon – BLOG

I finished the month with a new event for me. I would not have been able to make it, but Gaz and Rose came to pick me up. It’s a lapped course on the track, and was challenging. I really enjoyed it but had not noticed that the start and finish were slightly out, so I was checking laps as I crossed the start each time. The course was long for me, and this meant I finished in 1:45:04. No shame in this, I finished with the last person in my group and again lots of happy runners.


Big half medal

Big Half – BLOG

I kicked off March with the new warm up event for London Marathon, which replaced Silverstone. A great event that I paced 1:45, watch out for the tunnel which kills GPS. I finished the huge event in 1:44:35, certainly a half marathon highlight for the year, and cant wait to return next year.

Surrey half medal

Surrey Half – BLOG

In its 5th year, I took on another local event, pacing Surrey Half for 1:40. This is another smaller event with lots of local support, and lots of smiles. Pleased to finish in 1:39:31.

Limassol marathon weekend bling

Limassol Marathon and 5k – BLOG

I love limassol so much I will be going back for the 3rd time in 2019. The 5k is huge on the Saturday, but not the event for a PB unless you start at the very front. On Sunday there is a distance for everyone and I paced the sub4 #funbus coming in at 3:59:28. The #pickupthepaceteam will be back in 2019.


Manchester marathon medal

Manchester Marathon – BLOG

The first event of April was the Manchester Marathon, and I drove the sub4 #funbus again. A fantastic flat and fast marathon course and I finished in 3:59:45. I’m back again in 2019, and this course has great PB potential.

Great Welsh half medal

Great Welsh Half Marathon

Sorry but there is no blog for this one. It has potential to be a nice event, but it was horrible weather so wasnt great when I took part. I dont know how long it took me as I ran as part of a stag group, with non runners (I was the best man obviously), it was a hungover (maybe drunk) fun run with friends.

Running awards winner

The running awards – BLOG

The London Marathon expo and the running awards are turning into a tradition for me. Couldn’t be happier to have got an award for my blog. I write as I like talking about my experience, and I know that doing so will help others on their journey. To get an award as appreciation for my blog is just amazing. Thank you all… It has been shortlisted again this year and is open for votes now, so if you like my blogs please go and vote HERE.

London marathon medal

London Marathon – BLOG

The London Marathon is one of my highlights every year, and I paced for Runners World for the 5th time. I paced the sub4 #funbus and despite the really difficult day with the heat, seeing many struggle, I finished in 3:59:49 which is identical to 2017.


Mk half medal

MK half marathon – BLOG

This is a great run that also offers a full marathon. I’ve only ever done the half, and enjoy pacing for 1:45. It has road, trail, and finishes in the stadium. Happy to finish in 1:44:47

Run Gatwick medal

Run Gatwick Half Marathon – BLOG

From the organisers of Run Reigate, I paced the inaugural Run Gatwick for 1:40. It had a great village, nice course with planes overhead. I also witnessed runners winning around the world flights… (very lucky). I finished in 1:39:38 with a happy group.

RNR liverpool blingtastic

RNR Liverpool Marathon – BLOG

Blingtastic… I love the Rock n Roll series, and enjoyed pacing the sub 4 #funbus. I organised a great group of pacers, and took part in both the 5k and marathon. A lovely run, finishing with a great afterparty. Lots of smiles as we finished in 3:59:24. I also got a medal for running 2 events, one for running consecutive years and finally one through the post for running in two continents.

London 10k medal

London 10k – BLOG

One of few events I did for myself. I used to run this event every year as one of my favourite events, back when I used to run for speed. I was a bit disappointed with my time at 42:44, but my pace was zapped from all the longer runs at easier pace. Still a great event though.


Pyjamathon medal

Pyjamathon Marathon – BLOG

Another relaxed marathon with Phoenix Running. A hot and tough one found me coming in at 4:11:04. I stopped for a midway picnic with my family and treated it as a training run.

St Alban’s medal

St Alban’s Half Marathon – BLOG

The St Alban’s half is a tough but enjoyable route. I paced 1:40 for Xempo once again and pushed people to 1:39:49. A course I always enjoy. Nice touch to get an icelolly at the end of a hot run.

Shrewsbury half medal

Shrewsbury Half Marathon – BLOG

I took part in the Shrewsbury half for the first time as the 1:40 pacer. A great event put on by #ukrunchat so lots of familiar faces there. A fairly tough course in places, but a really enjoyable event. Free official photos make a great package, and the #funbus came in on time, 1:39:43.


British 10k medal

British 10k – BLOG

I have ran the British 10k 6 times, and always enjoy it. I love running in London, and like to push myself a little more when pacing a 10k, so once again paced sub 45. I came in with a large group at 44:55. Lovely run.

Hamburg Ironman medal

Ironman Hamburg – BLOG

I have mixed feelings about this event. I completed my 3rd Ironman, and with less training than ever. I was under prepared, but still wanted to PB. I technically did, but it doesnt feel right as they cancelled the swim. I still had a fantastic time, and completed the tough challenge for the 3rd time.


No events in August. I always leave myself time to recover and also spend time with family without the hassle of events.


Incy wincy spider medal

Incy wincy spider marathon – BLOG

Another training run with Phoenix. I was getting very agitated without any events so I kicked off September with this last minute run, to get my legs moving again before all the pacing ahead of me. A nice 4:01:29.

Great North half medal

Great North Run – BLOG

As the largest half marathon in the country try it is an event everyone should do once if they get the opportunity. I’m not a fan personally, but this is mostly because of living so far away and logistics of getting there and back. I paced the 1:40 #funbus in a time of 1:39:49. It was busy, I had many with me, and we had a good time in the actual event, but for a southerner like me it was just a hassle getting there and back.

Kew 10k medal

Kew 10k – BLOG

Another 10k pacing 45 mins. I organised the pacers for this event once again and had a great time running in 44:34. Such a beautiful run, and lovely event to be part of. I unfortunately had to rush off, as I had a flight to catch, Berlin in the morning.

Berlin Marathon medal

Berlin Marathon – BLOG

When thinking of highlights, Berlin is clearly another one. I didnt take in the sights this year, or go to the expo, but it was my 4th time in Berlin, 3rd time at the event. It is a tough course to pace as it gets congested, and I have some criticism in my blog, but I still love the event. I finished in 3:59:38, with lots of happy faces.

Bristol half medal

Bristol Half Marathon – BLOG

This event holds sentimental value for me as it was the first ever event I took part in. I was so pleased to go back to pace 1:40 with Great Run. It was a great run, but a little washed out because of the rain. I had a core group stay with me throughout and we fi wished with cuddles at the end in 1:39:43.

Ealing half medal

Ealing Half Marathon – BLOG

When I think of a friendly event atmosphere, the Ealing Feeling comes to mind. Great atmosphere throughout and I was pleased to pace 1:40 for Xempo in 1:39:49.


Chicago Marathon medal

Chicago Marathon – BLOG

In October it was time to get International. The biggest highlight of the year had to be pacing my 3rd World Major. Chicago was fantastic, there really are no words… well there are but they are in my blog. I paced the 3:55 group in 3:54:53. Very happy with that and I’m going back for more in 2019.

Royal Parks half medal

Royal Parks Half Marathon – BLOG

I’ve said before, but I love running in London which makes this one of my favourite half marathons. So much so this is the 6th time I’ve paced this event. I’m actually a little sad that I’m not going to be able to pace it next year as it clashes with Chicago. I have paced 1:40 with Xempo every year and came in with lots of happy runners in 1:39:50.

Amsterdam Marathon medal

Amsterdam Marathon – BLOG

My international sub4 #funbus continued in Amsterdam. A lovely simple, flat and scenic route. I had a lovely time pacing this event, and finished in 3:59:48 with a good group around me.


Porto Marathon medal

Porto Marathon – BLOG

My final run of the year was at Porto. I was so pleased to take the sub4 #funbus fo Portugal. The only downside really was that I was offered a last minute place to pace New York… noooooooo. It would be a dream to pace New York, but would be letting too many people down. Instead I smashed the wet, but good course at Porto in 3:59:53.

Tower Run medal

Tower Run – BLOG

I ended the year with something different, a Tower run… many it was tough, and I went off too fast… I will be back for more for sure.

My year in medals

What a fantastic year… I dont see how I can better it in 2019 but that’s ok. I cannot sustain this amount of awesomeness every year, mainly because I cant afford to, but also because it’s a fine balance with family life. So a few month break is a good balance. Next year I actually do think I can get my speed back. Yes I say this every year, but this year I actually think I can. I’ve just had a cabin built and I have a treadmill from #noblepro. I am going to work hard and see if I can do a personal marathon attempt at the end of the year. I will do another Ironman and try to actually train for it, and complete another Ultra. But most of all I want to continue pacing all over the world and trying to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Who is joining my #funbus next year?

7 thoughts on “My 2018 recap

  1. Great recap! I plan on running Chicago Half next fall.

    As a side question: 4:00:00 is a benchmark time for many marathoners. How does it feel to be the one to guide many first timers to this huge milestone?


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