Ironman Kalmar… it’s almost time

With just 3 weeks until Ironman Kalmar I am thinking back to this time last year when I booked it, and all the things I haven’t done. Let’s first start with the positives. Last year when I booked #IMKalmar I was not an Ironman. I was nervously thinking about my firsts in Weymouth. I’ve just had a read of one of my earliest blogs, just a few days before #IMWeymouth, take a look at my journey here, it tells you a lot about how drive, determination and confidence play a big part of achieving your goals.

Paul Addicott you are an Ironman

This leads me on to last years event, my first Ironman. It was tough, the hardest thing I have ever done. I was slower than I had intended, but I finished, I am an Ironman. If you take a look here you can read more about my personal experience, you may need to get comfortable.

So, did everything go to plan for this year? In short, NO. I had great intentions about training and improvements, but frankly things don’t always work out the way you plan. I moved locations which has had a negative impact on training. Firstly my training is at my old work, and we just haven’t managed to catch up to train. So I’ve done a grand total of about 10 miles swimming this year.

This scares me

The lack of swim training means I won’t make improvements, I will find the busy water a little scary and difficult. But I am an okay swimmer, I’m not great, but I will take it steady and confident I can do it.

The bike, this is where I can make most improvements, this is where I wanted to get the training in, this is where you spend most of your time. Well unfortunately I have done less than 100 miles “altogether this year”. That is terrible, and not something I advocate or am proud of. My change of location made it very difficult meaning I haven’t rode to work. I have no sense of direction and not confident on the roads alone, so without the motivation of someone to ride with, I just haven’t. But let’s look at the positives. I will be doing #ridelondon2017 this weekend. What better training can you ask for than a 100 mile ride, and 3 weeks before is perfect timing. #IMKalmar is flat, and I prefer the flat. Also, looking forward to next year, I’m changing work location again and will cycle again, providing me with a perfect base for next year “yes there is always next year”.

I may not be a cyclist, but I did it

I may not make the improvements I wanted this year, but I have the confidence I can do it. I am still confident I can make massive gains on the bike, I just need to get out there.

Then there is the run, we all know this is my strong point. Frankly my running endurance is the only reason I can be so relaxed about the rest of my training. I’m under no illusion that I am making this harder for myself. I know I could do much better, and I’m pretty stupid for not doing the training. However I’m in it to complete rather than compete, and it is possible. Don’t get me wrong, I am shitting myself a little about it. But you know I will give it my all…

The end 👍

I have a time to beat, and even with the lack of training, I still want to beat it… call me crazy if you like, but wish me luck.

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