New York Marathon weekend 2019

After pacing London Marathon in 2014 I set my sights on New York Marathon. An event I’ve always wanted to run, and one I have been trying to get an opportunity to pace for 5 years. At the end of Chicago Marathon 2018 I was offered a place to pace New York Marathon in 2018, but I was already committed to another event, and gutted. Fortunately I got the opportunity to pace in 2019, my first New York Marathon.

My 2019 world marathon majors

2019 has been an amazing year, and New York will not only be the 4th World Marathon Major I have ran this year, but the 4th I have been an official pacer for the sub 4 #funbus. If you are interested check out my reviews of each event: London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon.

This blog is not my New York Marathon review, it is my New York Marathon experience post, so I can capture all my precious moments and keep my New York Marathon 2019 blog about the event.

Family Time

Times square

As it was my first time in New York Marathon, we decided to make it a family trip. Over the first couple of days we had a lovely family time. In New York it’s easy to get around on public transport, and it’s easy to walk around. If you go the wrong way you know straight away and it’s easy to get your direction right.

Halloween Success

We landed on Halloween, so spent the first night Trick or Treating, and went to watch the Parade. Our kids fell asleep before it started so we left to come home.

Breakfast at Applebees

The next day was full of food, fun and sightseeing. We started off with Applebees for a lovely breakfast before heading to see the Statue of Liberty.

Katzs, where Harry met Sally

We met up with Austin and his family and went for a sandwich at Katzs, which is “where Harry met Sally “. It was very expensive, very busy, but well worth it for the experience.

Ohh yes…

Following on from the first night we thought the kids wouldn’t make it into the night, so Kirsty took them home for a nap and I went and queued up for a discount ticket for the theatre. I got there when it opened and had to queue for 40 minutes, but got tickets for Frozen cheaper than the cheapest online tickets, and much better seats.

Out for Frozen

I must admit the couple of days leading up to the New York Marathon were not the most relaxing. I walked for miles and miles each day, and most of the time had a child on my shoulders. It was so great to spend the time with my family though. Whilst lots of others were going out for shake out runs or meals, I was making memories with my family. Frozen was amazing and I’m so impressed that our kids managed to stay awake for the whole show.

Breakfast time

On Saturday morning we went to a small cafe next to Central Park. It was the first place I ever had eggs over easy, 10 years ago on my first (and last) trip to New York with Kirsty. So it was lovely to go back as a family.

Having fun in Central Park

We then went into Central Park to have lots of fun and games. Whilst we were there the Abbot Dash 5k race was taking place. I must admit I did feel like I was missing out a little, but I wouldn’t want to do it without the whole family taking part. It was far too expensive to enter us all so I gave it a miss.

My beautiful family

New York Marathon Expo

On Saturday PM I went to the New York Marathon expo. I had left it until then because I had the PM shift as a pacer. I took the opportunity to go a little early to look around with my family before my shift.

Ready for New York Marathon

The expo is large with lots to see and buy. I didn’t get carried away as I’ve been to so many expos this year, but did buy a visor for the morning.

After walking around, looking at everything and also changing my bib (I was allocated the wrong start for the wave I’m pacing). I joined the pace team to talk to runners about pacing and answering questions.

Ready for the sub 4 #funbus

It has been an amazing holiday so far, and I am so excited to be going to pace the New York Marathon in the morning. Once I have finished I will write my blog and link it HERE, until then I will go to sleep smiling. I hope you have a lovely weekend running wherever you are. If you are in New York come and say hi if you see me. I will be the guy with a huge smile.

My New York Marathon #flatlay

I am ready New York Marathon.

9 thoughts on “New York Marathon weekend 2019

  1. Lovely report and glad you got some good solid family time in. Hope you had a superb marathon! I was so busy tracking my two friends that were doing it (one running clubmate, one NY friend) I forgot to track you!


      1. Yes. TDF is the company that operates the TKTS booths. The tickets are typically $2-3 USD (inclusive of all fees) more than at the booth but I tend to see that as a convenience fee to not stand on the line. For the pair that I typically buy, it’s well worth it. Even for a family of four I’d probably do it to just save time and know slightly further ahead what the show plans are so you can plan around.


      2. Good tip thank you. I had looked online and tickets were 57 each plus a huge 57 booking fee for back of the balcony. I went to box office and they wanted 117 for poor seats. In queue I think I paid 66 each for really good seats in stalls


      3. Yeah online tickets can be all over the place depending on (re)seller. On TDF for tomorrow night I see $63 and $69 for Frozen, inclusive of fees.
        If there’s ever a show you’re looking for that isn’t at the booth, you can check Theatermania and BroadwayBox. They’re both discount sites but primary market. There are fees but they’re generally reasonable. For example, West Side Story early previews is $59 with fees making it $72 inclusive. So not cheap but reasonable


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