Run Happy

Run Happy

Why do you run? I’ve been running for over a decade, and I’ve ran for a variety of different reasons. I’ve ran to keep fit, to lose weight, to stay healthy. I’ve been a goal seeker, pushing boundaries and wanting that PB on every run. I’ve ran all distances from 5k to 100k, but there is one thing I’ve always tried to maintain, and that’s to Run Happy.

Oh yeah, all the props…

It’s true that I don’t push myself as hard as I used to. In fact I want to improve, but I’m finding it difficult to find the time to train as I need to, and when I do I rarely have the energy and drive to push. I’m not concerned though, as that will come in time. For many the motivation is that goal, the reason you lace up is to hit that new milestone. I’ve been there and I absolutely loved it. But now I get my motivation from the social side of running.

My last run meet with the instafam

This started for me when I began pacing. It started with an opportunity, and then I fell in love with it. At London Marathon 2014 my eyes were opened, pacing their slowest pace time, and it was the most enjoyable run ever. Not only did I absolutely know I was helping hundreds of people around me, we all had a lot of fun in the process. It was in 2014 the #funbus was born. I was running happy every time I went out.

All the love at the end of London Marathon

This developed further through social media. In 2016 I ventured to Twitter and 2017 I thought I would see what Instagram was all about. I have learnt that the running community is amazing. There are so many like minded people out there, and it is great to be able to interact with people from around the world, and support each other. Now going to races I’m able to meet people that I’ve already connected with, and the #funbus has grown.

Let yourself go, be happy

Unfortunately social media is sometimes full of negativity. If you ever face that, then please ignore it, dont let it bring you down, as it’s such a minority. Go out there and find like minded people to help support and inspire you, and then have fun. Trust me, when you are having fun everything feels so much better. Remember, what ever your reason for running, have fun.

The Brooks Run Happy Team launch

Throughout social media I have been fortunate enough to join many teams, and one of the best is the Brooks run happy team. Full of crazy happy runners, this is why I run, to run happy.

Despite how it looks, these are not real sunglasses

At our last meeting the #runhappyteam were asked what #runhappy means to them… so heres what we said:

Running free, fun, friends, freedom, happiness, enjoyment, joy, perfection, endorphins, support, love…

Running is all about having fun, so why do you run happy?

I’m really grateful to know such amazing people throughout the running community. Runners, brands, event organisers, so many people with a passion for the sport. One thing I never want to lose sight of is the way running makes me feel, the joy and happiness. Otherwise what’s the point. So stop take a look at yourself, and ask why you are running, and are you happy. Go out there and enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Run Happy

  1. YES! This is why I’m stopping doing races. I like the training, but I would run a fair bit anyway but I get so anxious around the race. If I don’t need the race to make me run (and I’m lucky I don’t) then not racing seems a good idea (having said that, race report for RTTS coming soon).


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