Lockdown Lowdown with… @leah_runner_girl

It is time for a Lockdown Lowdown with @leah_runner_girl, be prepared for some seriously cute baby pictures.

What have you learnt about yourself during the Lockdown?

I’ve learnt that I have a massive addiction to hobnobs and tea! I’ve also learnt more about what’s important in life. Time to stop, think and have a bit of a reset. I’m currently on maternity leave with my 5 month old daughter Kacie and this lockdown has caused my husband to be at home too, which has given him more time with her, but also more time for me to have to myself. Time is so important – time together as a family, but also much needed time for myself.

What are you doing to stay motivated?

I’m staying connected with people in whatever way I can – what’s app, virtual house parties and Zoom pub quizzes! I’m also staying accountable on Instagram and being honest about my postnatal journey. In doing this I get so much support from other mums from their journeys and it really keeps me going. Seeing other mums smashing their runs is really motivating me keep working hard to get back out there myself.

What are you most looking forward to when we get out of Lockdown?

Seeing my family! My sister just had a baby and I imagined our maternity leave would be spent together with our children. We’ve spoken a lot over text and FaceTime – but I can’t wait to give them both a big squeeze (if we are allowed!)

What rearranged event are you looking forward to doing and why?

Brighton Marathon. It’s where I live and the postponement to September has actually benefited me as there’s no way I’d have been in an position to run it this month.

What challenges have you set yourself in lockdown, or for when you get out?

To be more disciplined with my postnatal exercises. I rushed back to running a bit too quickly after my c-section, but having this extra time is giving me the opportunity to work with a women’s health physio and set me up properly to return to running in a
couple of weeks.

What makes you #runhappy?

Right now, just being so grateful for what I have. It took me 4 years to fall for Kacie with 3 losses along the way. My running was really disrupted in this time and it became a distraction for anytime something went wrong. Which is great in some respects, but also a bit sad looking back. Now I feel like I’m in such a place of gratitude for what I have and to be able to run without always wondering if that would be my last run for a while. The pressures of time and pace are off and it really is about runningfor the enjoyment of it – it really is running happy! 💙

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