Lockdown Lowdown with Emma Cutler

As we get to know some fantastic people, it is lovely to see how they are getting on during the Lockdown. Next up I bring you the Lowdown with Emma aka Jersey_girl08

1. What have you learnt about yourself during the lockdown?

– A lot!! That I AM capable of slowing down and able to do a lot at home rather than relying on others – like working out at home!

2. What are you doing to stay motivated?

– Lots of FaceTime with family and friends! I’m also making sure I plan things throughout the day to look forward to. Online exercise classes have also been amazing and planning at least one a day has really helped, alongside running and walking my dog!

3. Most looking forward to after lockdown?

– Where do I begin?! So many…but I’d say sitting in my favourite coffee shop, drinking a coffee and watching the world go by!

4. What rearranged event are you looking forward to and why?

– London marathon!!!! I’m going for a sub 4 and I also have this girl and other friends, from overseas, coming over to run it as well!! I can’t wait!

5. What challenges have you set yourself for when you get out of lockdown?

– To slow down, not rush around doing things for others and to take more time for myself. I’ve definitely realised who is appreciative of my help, support and love before and during this hard time. I’m also never going to take for granted the freedom we all
once had. To visit the beach, friends, other countries and so much more.

6. What makes you #runhappy?

– Running with friends

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