Lockdown Lowdown with… Evie

Continuing with my Lockdown Lowdown it is a pleasure to hear from Evie (@simpleexplorer). The purpose of this blog series is to get to know a bit more about each other, and share the impact of the Lockdown on us, and how we are responding to it.

What have you learnt about yourself during Lockdown?

For me, it’s a lot more about how to be happy with myself during lockdown. I think there is a lot of pressure to make sure we try and do all the exercise, not put on weight, or to find a new skill. I don’t think that’s how we should be seeing Lockdown. I think we need to understand that this is the time to really look after ourselves. I’ve learnt to take a break, to not put the pressure on myself and just enjoy my time as much as I can. Be positive, find something to smile about every day.

What are you doing to stay motivated?

I’m still following a training plan, so that’s keeping me going. My training plan is a mix of running and fitness, so for me, just because my event is no longer happening, doesn’t mean I can’t still follow my plan.
I’ve also been taking part in fun challenges with my friends, which is keeping me going. It’s a fun way to do a workout, and make sure your friends get involved. Some of my friends aren’t on social media, so having them send me fun challenges is something I look forward to seeing, and then I know I need to take part!

What are you looking forward to when we get out of lockdown?

I’m a traveller, so I am desperate to go on another adventure. I had a few trips planned, and was living in another country when all the lockdown happened, so had to come home because of it all. The first thing I will do, is book a flight and head out to a new country, and go on a running adventure.
Or, try and get my stuff back from my apartment in the other country haha!!

What rearranged event are you looking forward to doing and why?

I had a big event that I was training for, which has been postponed, so I am looking forward to when we finally can take part in it. It now isn’t until October, so plenty of time to train. This also gives us a chance to enter some new events that have been postponed, that we could potentially enter if we weren’t able to do them before!

What challenges have you set yourself in lockdown, or for when you get out?

A challenge I set my friends and family every time I talk to them – is to tell me the one thing that made them smile that day. It’s something that makes people think, but also brings that positivity in to everyones day. I think it’s a challenge everyone should be setting themselves.

What makes you runhappy?

Any run that I can head out, clear my mind, have a good run and just enjoy myself – where I feel comfortable, welcome and happy.

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