Let’s get 2017 started

Ok so we may be 3 weeks in but I feel like I’ve only just kick started 2017. After I busy end to 2016, with numerous events, January has been particularly slow. No events and work has got In the way of any real training. This has left me feeling a little demotivated and out of shape. For those that have got to know me you will know that motivation isn’t something I tend to struggle with, and I certainly plan ahead with my events.

This year I have numerous events booked in already, but most of my targets involve pacing which requires a more comfortable pace. I have other targets, but again these are about completion, so mostly don’t require me to exert myself. I do have a couple of events where I will be pushed to the limits, but on the whole I will run relaxed.

I’ve been thinking about what I can do to motivate myself between races, and then this morning I received a number of deliveries which have motivated me.

The first delivery was a buff from @trailrunningmag I had completely forgotten that I had signed up to #run1000miles in 2017, so what a great motivator. Truth be told, I came short of this in 2016, and have never ran this far in a year, but I don’t expect this to be too much of an issue this year. I’ve joined this as a baseline target, but also to motivate others along the journey. This is a fantastic target and I want to inspire others to achieve it, so I will be posting with #run1000miles.

This has made me think about long term targets. I do think it’s great to work towards individual targets, whether it’s a first for the distance or to improve time. I am not really looking to increase my distance time significantly this year, and certainly not PB, and I am comfortable at completing the distance. So this means I am getting less motivation to train by these events, as I know I can just turn up and I will be ok. So instead I’ve looked for a distance goal, and I have found this with my first “virtual run”. I have signed up to race the distance of “route66” with @myvmission http://www.theconqueror.events/

I am to cover the distance of 2,280.3 miles. Now I don’t think I will realistically be able to cover this distance on foot. I do think I could physically, but I know I would have time to get close. Fortunately this can be covered by any activity, so I will include my bike. This is motivation I need, as I have not rode my bike since Ballbuster in November 2016. I need to put some serious miles in if I’m going to get a PB in my second Ironman. I’ve downloaded the app and can see I’m behind already. The postcards telling me how far I’ve come are pretty cool, so I am to get myself on track.

As part of my new 2017 target I want to reintroduce some speed into my training. So today I entered my local parkrun @nonsuchparkrun I arrived looking to give it a bit of speed, but also to be cautious as I’ve not pushed myself for a long time, and don’t want to risk injury. I thought a sub 20 would be nice, and I came in with 19:24. Technically this is a PB for me as I don’t run 5k, and this is the fastest I’ve ran a 5k. However I have previously ran a 10k in under 38 minutes. I know today I could have broken sub19, so that’s my next target. I also want to break 18 by the end of the year. Let’s do this 👍

I enjoyed the parkrun today. I probably gave it about 80%. At the half way point I was told I was on 9:23. I slowed after this as I was fed up of the person next to me keep racing past me every time I overtook them, and continuously cut in front of me forcing me to slow and putting me off my stride. After the 4th time I just lost a bit of motivation. I knew I was on for sub 20 so I pulled back a little (more in the bank for next time 😜).

I ran to and from the parkrun, so covered just over 7 miles. Nice little session for me. When I got home I also thought I would give my legs a treat and tried the new @DOMSEaseOil I am sampling for @Redsquirrelrun I’ve never used much oils, mainly because I don’t spend time on my body. I don’t warm up properly; stretch; cooldown or care for my recovery. Well it’s about time I started paying attention to my recovery, and I gave my legs a good rub with the oils. It certainly felt nice, but yet to really have a full opinion on the benefits. I have a lot of events coming up to really put my legs to the test and plan on using the oils to see how it helps my recovery.

After a really good start to the day I came home to find I had another delivery. Although a little tight, I’m pleased to be able to model my @fitnessrewards1 vest. May have to wait until it warms to give it a proper outing, but pleased to spread the knowledge of #rewardmyrun


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