Running in Isolation

Times are hard with lots of uncertainty and changes every single day. It looks like we will be running in isolation. Whether that means running alone, running at home or having a forced running break, it is important to look after yourself both physically and mentally. With races being cancelled over the spring it would be easy to lose motivation. For many of us running will be the least of our worries, whilst we wonder what will happen next. Worrying about loved ones, work and being able to get basic food. However, for many of us running helps keep us sane. We use running as our outlet, to keep us fit and healthy, to keep a positive mental attitude. So, it is important that we try and maintain an element of normality. In this blog I am going to write my thoughts about how we can deal with running in isolation.

Running in Isolation

Your normal routine will have changed. You won’t be able to race, or run in groups. Parkrun has been cancelled, and there is a good chance that at some point we wont be allowed out of the house to run, so what can we do?

Run commute

If you are not self isolating, and you need to go to work, then is it possible to run to work? I’ve started running to work once or twice a week anyway, and will be keeping this up. If I am stopped running at the weekend I may increase the amount I run to work. If it is too far to run both ways, can you run one way, even just once a week, or can you run part of the way, running to the station, or parking a few miles away from work? The point is, take opportunities when you can.

Run when you can, where you can

Run on treadmill

If you have a treadmill then make the most of it. If you dont, is it time to invest? If we cannot get out of the house then we can still run. I like doing speed work on the treadmill and find it better for shorter more intense workouts. It would be fine to run further, but might get a bit boring. Music and prime on your phone can keep you entertained for a longer session though.

Time to get the treadmill out

If you have a forced running break then you still have plenty of other options to keep you both mentally and physically healthy.

Can you cross train

There are so many options here. From using a turbo trainer, to a few light weights for strength and conditioning. It doesn’t matter if you dont have space as you can do body workouts, the options are endless. Yoga is something that I have never really done, but something I know would benefit more running if I had time or motivation. Strength and conditioning is also really important, but often neglected. You could run laps of your house if you really want, but think about what you will get most from.

Run happy

Home workouts can be found online fairly easily, and there will be plenty of personal trainers out there looking for some work, so if you want a bit of guidance and motivation then I’m sure it can be found. High intensity body workouts at home can be a great cardio session which will keep you in great shape for when you can get back into racing.

Mentally prepare

Lets not overlook the positive contribution running can have on your mental health. And in contrast the negative impact isolation can have. It is going to be hard for all of us, so keep your mind strong. Plan for future by thinking about what you will do when you can. Stay positive and think about all the great memories and experiences you have had. Remember, why did you start running in the first place?

Why did you start running?

Remember we are #allinittogether so please look out for each other and try staying positive. What are your tips for running in isolation? What are you going to do to keep going? Let me know below.

8 thoughts on “Running in Isolation

  1. At the moment, my running friends and I are doing quite well with running together but apart, so with at least a metre if not more between us, and if there are more than two of us, well behind each other in groups. Today six of us went out in three twos, and we then swapped partners at decision points, that worked really well. Next step would be running on opposite sides of the street or in opposite directions round a route. We are being really careful and also pressing crossing buttons with our elbows or if we forget, having hand sanitiser with us to get the buttonness off our finger (me!). It seems safer to us going out in pairs, as a) we’re all women and there are risks still in parks and isolated areas, and b) if one of us falls, the other will be able to look after them rather than risking a stranger touching us / being touched or being all alone. Take care and keep well!


      1. We’ve just decided as a group to go to running with two together at most, on opposite pavements. As much to model responsible actions to the fools who are clustering in groups and going to the seaside etc. as anything else. Pretty devastating. Take care and keep well.


      2. It is scary to see that people are getting in groups. I can see how it could happen though. We have been for a walk as a family both days over the weekend. We have not been in contact with anyone else. However, both the park and the woods were much busier than I’ve ever seen. In fairness if everyone individually look for a quick escape, this could lead to mass gatherings.

        The only way to stop this is through lockdown unfortunately. I’ve seen people take pictures if Richmond park saying how bad it is that it’s so busy, but I personally think that is a little ironic as they are there taking the picture 🤷‍♂️

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  2. Ahhhhhh while reading this blogpost, I was actually fighting the urge to wear my running shoes and go out of my house and run for 3 hours. Hope this pandemic ends already so there won’t be anymore canceled races. Stay safe!


  3. Hi Paul,
    I’m trying to run daily and to keep myself motivated rather than rush out and go as fast as I can,I find it better to pick a pace and try and stick to it or start steady and get the average down to a decent pace.
    All this plus varying routes and distances . The main reason is to stay injury free as being injured at this time would be soul destroying.
    Stay safe all .


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