What do you do when your marathon is cancelled because of Covid 19

2020 is not starting out well really is it? Let’s move away from the various chat about what’s the right thing to do, and health and safety for a moment. We all understand this, but the doesn’t mean it’s not ok to be disappointed. Whether you have had one race or ten races cancelled, whether you have missed out on an experience of a lifetime, a first marathon or just your local event, it’s still going to be disappointing, and it’s ok to be disappointed. We are runners, we work hard and train for events, so when that disappears then it leaves a void. So what do we do now, what do you do if your marathon has been cancelled by Covid 19?

Keep calm and carry on running

Well it’s simple really, just carry on. Keep your training ticking over, see if there are any smaller events you can tackle, or try new challenges. Do whatever you need to and build yourself up stronger and better for when normality resumes.

Run happy

I have heard of a lot of disappointment, and what is of most concern is the loss of motivation (see HERE for loss of Mojo blog). Its very easy to lose all interest and struggle to train when plans crumble, but let’s stay positive. I’m feeling it myself with 6 events cancelled/postponed so far, and a lot of stress trying to recoup some of the cost, which amounts to thousands, I’m gutted to be honest. I had the best couple of months planned with Tokyo Marathon, Rome Marathon, Limassol Marathon (2019 blog HERE), Manchester Marathon (2019 blog HERE), Brighton Marathon (2017 blog HERE) and London Marathon (2019 blog HERE). It is a little cruel getting the last 3 announced on Friday the 13th, but a postponement is better than a cancellation.

The Friday 13th cancellations

Are you able to run the new dates? If so, hopefully you can just concentrate your training and get ready for the new date. With a busy autumn it means some of these events clash with other events, so this is really more cancellations. For many of you it will mean a far busier Fall than you would like. You will need to make a decision on what is right for you, but what I would say is, don’t be afraid. You can do it and if it means your first double or triple weekend, then just plan around this. Take the events more relaxed, concentrate on recovery, and just enjoy running these events.

You can do it

I am sure there is more disappointed to come for many of us, but just try and stay healthy, stay posting and keep running.

Let me know below if you have been impacted by the cancellations and what are your plans to stay positive and keep moving forward.

6 thoughts on “What do you do when your marathon is cancelled because of Covid 19

  1. I’m glad I didn’t register for a September marathon in conjunction with NYC – since it looks like I’ll be running Boston in September. Hoping to register for a May marathon to take advantage of my training but am holding off until I have a little more clarity as to which marathons will be held


  2. I had one in February that was postponed. New date not even out yet. Another one I wanted to sign up for has been cancelled. Tough to get going on training when there isn’t any dates to work on. What’s your secret?


  3. Our Sedate Lady who was doing London is taking this as an opportunity to regroup, keep building her distance but more slowly with more rest, and keep building her strength. Also, we’re not helping her to run quite as far this morning!

    I am fortunate in that I had no races booked, although I was very much looking forward to going to London, having the weekend with my best friend and supporting my many friends, IRL and blog-based, who were running. And the re-jig is on my husband’s birthday weekend (oops. “Hey love, do you fancy … no?”). But I do really feel for everyone who was training away and now this. I think I have noticed people feeling a bit better now they actually know, as it was looming, really, wasn’t it?

    I’m off in a bit to do what is I think the last parkrun for a bit – running there and back (no public transport thanks!) and doing a very sparse one with a lot of space around everyone.

    Best of luck trying to recoup some of the money – that is harsh and very difficult. And thank you for your wise and inspiring words.


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