Limassol Marathon 2019 Pace Team

I am pleased to say that the Pick Up the Pace Team will be back at Limassol in 2019. On the 24th March 2019 we will be back for the second year in a row to pace both the Limassol Marathon and Half Marathon. Last year I announced that we would be pacing at Limassol for the first year. We had a wonderful time, and it was great to be part of this team. Check out how we got on this year HERE. This was the second time I had been to Limassol for the marathon, and I cant wait to be back for the 3rd year in a row.

The Limassol 2018 Pick up the Pace Team

To help people get ready for the event I have pulled together the Pick up the Pace Team, and there is a great line up of familiar faces from last year. These are joined by some fantastic runners that I am confident will help everyone along the way.

Half marathon

Jordan Foster – 1:30

Jordan is jumping for joy being part of the team

First up we have Jordan, better known as Projectmarathongirl. She joins the team and told me she “wants to pace because I love to help people achieve their running goals, this is also why I have become a coach!

Favourite running experience –

No matter how many marathons I do, my first London Marathon will always be my favourite experience, nothing can beat your first ever marathon!

Greatest running achievement –

Finally breaking sub 3 at the Swiss City Marathon in 2018. I got a PB of 2.58.37 and finished 3rd female over all!

What animal what would you be –

I would love to be a giraffe, just because they are my favourite animal! And I would love to be that tall!

Tim Bruton – 1:45

Tim at Kew pacing with Emma

Tim joins the Pick up the Pace Team after paving regularly with the team in 2018. He said he likes to pace “to help others achieve their own goals and how rewarding it is seeing their faces at the end of the run.”

Favourite running experience –

London Marathon

Greatest running achievement –

Again the running London Marathon but I my first Ultra booked in for summer 2019.

What animal would you be –

A Labrador as I could run and eat all day and sleep when I want.

Hannah Wilkinson – 2:00

Hannah strides into the 2019 team 
Hannah joins the Pick up the Pace Team this year and told me she “enjoys helping others to achieve their goals and want to make the experience of racing as enjoyable as possible for others.”

Favourite running experience –

The London Marathon

Greatest running achievement –

3 marathons in one year whilst completing my final year of studying and holding down a full time job. How did I find the time?!

What animal what would you be –

A flamingo. They can run dance and fly. They also have longer legs than I will ever have.

Phil Jefferies – 2:15

Phil on form in Limassol 
Phil paces events regularly and returns to limassol for the second year after pacing 2:15 in 2018. He always does his best to ensure he gets his group to the finish with a smile on their face. Phil told me “I love to pace because it gives me so much pleasure to see the enjoyment and delight on the faces of runners who have achieved new goals and hit their best times, it makes me always want to #runwithasmile.”

Favourite running experience –

Apart from my first marathon, my favourite running experience was when someone I paced told me that I had helped them achieve a goal that they had only ever dreamt of.

Greatest running achievement –

Since getting back into running my greatest achievement to date was completing my first marathon at the tender age of 50, as well as pacing my first major event.

What animal would you be –

I would love to be a dolphin, anybody who has seen my swim legs at triathlons will know why that is!

Emma Morris – 2:30

Emma after finishing Limassol 2018

Emma was an asset in 2018, and joins the Pick up the Pace Team again next year to pace 2:30. Emma said “I pace because I love running, the running community and helping others achieve their goals. There’s no better feeling than helping someone achieve their PB.“

Favourite running experience –

I have lots because running has taken me to places I would never have seen. Amongst my favourites are of course Limassol, Budapest & Palma.

What animal would you be –

If I were an animal I would be a lion because I attack my goals fiercely but I also have a soft side.


Danny O’Reilly – 3:30

Danny knows how to push to the finish and he will take you with him

Danny is a fantastic runner who joins us once again in 2019. I recently paced in Amsterdam with Danny and he said “I pace because I love helping people achieve something they never thought possible. Whether it’s just using the flag as a consistent marker, offering words of encouragement or a little bit of tough love, it motivates me and makes me realise why I love running.”

Favourite running experience –

I trained my work friends to their first 10km recently. We started at 2km and week by week built it up. I felt incredibly proud. We’re tackling a half marathon together next year.

Greatest running achievement –

Race to the Stones 100km. My first Ultra, and I finished 4th place in 9 hours 30 mins. I kept a consistent pace throughout, and started well back in the field as everyone flew off, but I held my nerve and began moving through the field. There were some tough hills, it was 30 degrees, and I had a wobble at 80km (when I realised I still had a half marathon to go) but I was proud of my endurance and grit.

What animal would you be –

I would be a penguin because they like the cold and have short stride length.

Beppe Bossi – 3:45

Beppe returns to Limassol 
It is a pleasure to have Guiseppe join the Pick up the Pace Team again in 2019. Beppe joined us for 3:45 in Limassol 2018 and has also ran with me in Liverpool and Porto. Beppe told me that he paces paces because “I like that everyone can achieve the best and I wanna help them for that”

Favourite running experience –

All races that I finish smiling

Greatest running achievement –

Every time that I can help runners to reach their goal

What animal what would you be –

I would like to be a bird to be able to fly free in the sky

Paul Addicott – 4:00

I always #runwithasmile 

I am honoured to be back in Limassol in 2019, not only driving the sub 4 #funbus but also leading the Pick up the Pace Team again. I first took part in Limassol Marathon in 2017. I had already asked about pacing, but there were not any pacers at thos event. It was fantastic to be asked in 2018 to not only come and pace, but get together a team of pacers. We all had a great time in 2018, and I’m looking forward to being part of Limassol 2019. I love to pace to be part of other runners experience, to share memories that can last a life time, and try to offer that little bit of extra motivation so people can push themselves further to achieve their goals.

Favourite running experience –

I have so many fantastic running memories so this is a hard one. I would have to say pacing my first London Marathon in 2014. This was obviously an amazing opportunity and experience, but what made it extra special is I paced my wife, Kirsty, for the first 20 miles of her first marathon. We didnt finish together but it was great to experience this moment together.

Greatest running achievement –

Again there are so many that it’s hard to pick. In terms of difficulty I would say my first ever Ironman. I’m not a great swimmer, and cycling isn’t something that comes easy to me. So after a 2.4 mile swim in the sea, and 112 miles on a hilly bike course, the marathon at the end was so hard and emotional. But I did it and I’m back for my 4th next year.

What animal would you be –

I guess I would be a wolf, as I like to be the leader of a pack.

Jason Walker – 4:15

Jason cant wait to join us in 2019
I first paced with Jason at Liverpool 2018, and I’m pleased for him to be joining us in Limassol 2019. I asked him why he paces and he said “I pace as I want to help others achieve their goals and aspirations. It is such a buzz to know that you are a part of helping them. It is very rewarding and addictive. Long may it continue.”

Favourite running experience –

Pacing my first ever race at Paddock Wood Half Marathon, After that I got the bug

Greatest running achievement –

Completing the Brighton Marathon less than a year after having heart surgery then completing my first ultra 6 months later

What animal what would you be –

A cheetah so I would remember how it would feel to run fast again.

Camilla Langlands – 4:30

Camilla was ran so many marathons,  and now it’s time to run Limassol 

Camilla has been a regular fixture at events such as London Marathon for years, and is full of energy. I am so pleased to have her pacing 4:30 at Limassol. She told me “I enjoy socialising and meeting new people, everyone has a different story as to how they came to run – it’s wonderful. It’s also important for me to give back to the running community and I think pacing is one of the ways I can do that.”

Favourite running experience –

The start of the Comrades Ultra Marathon in Durban, SA – every year. Must be in contention for the most atmospheric start of any event.

Greatest running achievement –

Gaining a Guinness World Record alongside my mother for the ‘Most marathons run together by a parent and child’

What animal what would you be –

Well, I would like to be a cheetah primarily for the speed of course but also because they are elegant ha!

Matthew Pullen – 4:45

Matt brings a smile with him to Limassol 
Matt returns to Limassol after pacing 5:00 hours in 2018. He is a lovely bloke that I’m always pleased to run with, and he shared many miles with me in Amsterdam and London before we split. He said “I like to give back to other runners my knowledge and especially give them encouragement when they need it.”

Favourite running experience –

Running off the Queensborough Bridge into Manhattan in the NY marathon it’s like running into an Olympic stadium the noise was unbelievable.

Greatest running achievement –

I once was part of a Guinness world record team to quickest time to cover 100 miles in a relay.

What animal would you be –

Giraffe, I’m all legs.

Jacqueline – 5:00

It is great to have Jacqueline join us in Limassol 

Jacquelin is a veteran of many marathons and has a wealth of experience pacing them. It is lovely seeing her at London and Liverpool and she joins us in 2019 to pace sub 5. She told me “I pace because I am passionate about running and want to encourage others in any way I can on their running journeys.”

Favourite running experience –

Running the New York marathon in 2017 with my daughter Camilla and celebrating our 100 marathons together.

Greatest running achievement –

Winning my age group at the Comrades Ultra-marathon in South Africa.

What animal would you be –

Definitely a cat – they are quite low profile but generally get to do whatever they want

I could not be happier with our line up for Limassol 2019. Say hi to the team, let me know if you have any questions, and we cant wait to join you again.

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