How to run a marathon faster – Series

It has been a very long year with so many experiences that I have shared with you all. As the year nears the end, and I dont have any races in my calendar, I look to a different challenge. I want to run a marathon faster. So I’m going to spend the winter training to get into better shape, and ultimately run faster.

I spend my time encouraging people to pick up the pace… now I need to do the same

I’ve said this before, in fact last year I wrote a blog “How to run faster“, but I haven’t actually done it. What I enjoy most about running is pacing, helping people hit their goals. This is what I spend my time doing, but there is no reason why I can’t get myself into better shape to get faster personally.

Always smiling at the finish whilst everyone around me hits their target 

My key issue is making time, as I have a busy job, and outside of work I am with family, so I need to work out how to fit it in again. Then I need to find motivation to do it. People often assume that I run lots and show motivation. However, my motivation has come from helping others. In 8 weeks I paced 9 events, but these events were pretty much the only runs I did in this period.

A successful Autumn 2018

Ironically the gap between events is the motivation I need to get out there and train harder. But who am I kidding, my PB’s are all 5 plus years old, and I’m nowhere near the shape that I was, this is going to take time and be hard work.

Getting it wrong the week before I hit my current marathon PB 5 years ago

So I’m going to do two things:

1) I’m going to post some regular blogs to track my improvements and training, but each of these will feature a guest. Someone who is currently demonstrating what I want to achieve, running faster. My blogs are usually either race reviews, or aimed at helping people at the beginning of their journey, or motivation to improve. I don’t want to talk alone about running towards a sub 3 marathon, as all I’m doing is talking from past experience, and what I think I need to do. Instead I’m going to get input from those that are running at the top of their field, so prepare to hear from some inspirational people.

So are you ready for some inspiration 

2) I’m going to reset my PB’s. I’m not going to think of my actual PB’s as they don’t feel achievable right now. Ultimately the only goal I have is a sub 3 marathon, but to get there I should hit all my PB’s along the way. To give myself some achievable targets I’m going to consider the following as my PB’s to improve along the journey:

5k – 20 mins

10k – 40 mins

Half Marathon – 1:30

Marathon – 3:30

Now some of these are more achievable than others. I should be able to do all of these now, but rather than just saying that, I need to go and do it. So as far as I’m concerned these are my PB’s until I beat them.

Let’s start again

I have some great people lined up for this series already, but if you know someone perfect, or want to contribute, then please get in touch.

In the mean time my blog is nominated for the Running Awards, if you like my blogs then please vote for me. Follow the link HERE and go to Blog, Personal, pickupthepace paul, and vote. Thanks

10 thoughts on “How to run a marathon faster – Series

  1. I am looking forward to this series as I am training for my second half marathon in January (Texas). My previous time was 2:37::11 in 2017. I am aiming for sub-2 hours this time around. My last 10k was 59 minutes and I would love to bring it down to under 40. Your blog is a real motivational tool for me, so MAKE IT GOOD!!! LOL


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