Let’s all Run Happy

I have said it before, but for me, running and happiness are interlinked. I have been running for over a decade, and for the last 9 years I have paced people on the “funbus” trying to help everyone to have fun whilst achieving their goal time. For many years the social aspect and support from the running community is what I’ve come to love about running. So when Brooks approached me in 2018 to let me know all about Run Happy, it was a natural partnership. I remember going to the Superhuman Academy 2018, and having such fun, with what was the start of the Run Happy Team.

Superhuman Academy 2018

In 2019 we had the launch of the Run Happy Team, back then it was much smaller, but it was the start of the Happy, friendly community as we know it. Fun, inclusive and supportive.

Run Happy Team 2019

At times it has been bananas, but we have been on some incredible adventures together. I remember there being a small team of 25, and then going to meet the whole European team at Brooks Runfest, what an amazing experience.

Brooks Runfest 2019

Then the Run Happy Team doubled in size, with what was meant to be a huge 2020. We had our launch and met lots of new members, but great plans had to wait. Such a shame that the partnership with Parkrun had to be paused, and plans to run across the country together just could not happen.

Run Happy Team 2020

But this is where the true run happy spirit grew, along with the allegiance to the banana. Watching our events across the globe get cancelled, plans ruined, and inability to meet with anyone, it was not a great time. But that did not stop us from running freely, and the Run Happy Relay was a great way to have fun together.

Run Happy Relay 2020

2021 and we were joined by more members, and although we are not at full throttle yet, things are beginning to take off again. It is always sad to see some of the Run Happy Team leave, but always great to get to know new team members.

Run Happy 2021, covid vibes

We have adapted to the occasional virtual meet, and changing appearance. Remember, what happens in covid stays in covid. Not shaving until after covid seemed like a good idea at the time.

Run Happy Team 2021

For our first proper get together in 2021 it was so overwhelming to have the team back together. Fun, happiness, friendship, some things don’t change.

There is no “I” in RUN. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, we are on the path to a better self, together. At the 2021 Christmas party it was great to hear that we will all be back for the Run Happy Team 2022, along with 18 new members. Exciting times. There will be more fun, and runs, and hopefully lots of happiness shared. I’m so pleased to be back in the team for the 5th year.

Run Happy Team Christmas Party 2021

Having a nice drink, sharing laughs with friends and getting into the Christmas spirit is a great way to end the year. There is so much to look forward to next year. I am hopeful that we will start to see more normality in our lives. I am hopeful of lots of adventures with the Run Happy Team 2022, and lots of other milestones. One in particular on 19th February 2022 I want you all to join me on. I will be running my 100th Marathon, and to mark the occasion, rather than a large event, I have asked Phoenix Running to put on a special #funbusmarathon. There are options on the 3.28 mile laps to run 1 or as many laps as you like, 8 for an official marathon and I will be running it in 3:59, then finishing with cake and a few beers at the pub (conveniently at the start / finish line).

Run Happy Team 2045

I plan on Running Happy for years to come, as long as my body let’s me, and here is a sneak peak of the Run Happy Team 2045.

Always have fun, always Run Happy. Tell me, what will make you Run Happy in 2022???

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