Winter Marathon – Firebird Series

On 28th December 2021 I completed the Winter Marathon with Phoenix Running events. This was my last event of the year, and it also concluded the impressive Firebird Series. Phoenix Running events are well known for their impressive medals, but the Firebird medal is something else. As always I completed a marathon and today was my 97th marathon towards the 100 marathon club. This was my 37th marathon with phoenix and the next time I am on the tow path will be my 100th Marathon.


I set my kit out the night before. Trails again, as the route can be muddy and slippery this time of year. There was no way I would wear my festive trainers on this route. I started with a broad target of finishing between 3:30 and 4:00. I use these events as good training runs, and which end of the scale I finish is determined by how I’m feeling. Today it was clear the festive season has taken its toll on me. I was tired before the start, and felt bloated and heavy.

Having fun

It was wet and muddy, but I had good fun. It was busy with around 160 entrants to the event. I always enjoy it when there are more runners, as it is nice to see people and share a smile as we pass. I kept a steady 8 min mile for the first half, but had to stop for the toilet. I then just felt tired, and didn’t have the energy or desire to keep going, so I let myself gradually slow down.

The finishers medal

My watch says 3:51:11 but I think I will be a few seconds quicker. But I’m happy with another sub 4 finish. Look at that medal. The final of the Firebird Series and you get the Firebird medal, which you can hang the other 3 medals from the series on.

End of 2021 running

A good day in the office, finishing my 97th medal and getting the biggest medal I own as my final medal for 2021.

Check out the #funbusmarathon medal

Rik surprised me with a sneak peak of the medal for my 100th Marathon event. Now this is not as big as the Firebird medal, but it is very impressive. At 15cm by 12cm it is much bigger than your standard medal, and one of the biggest I have seen from phoenix running events. Rik has done a great job and I’m excited to earn it. I think there are around 50 of us signed up already, and it would be great if to can all join me. I will be running a 3:59 marathon and you can run as many of the 3.28 mile laps as you want in 7 hours to earn yours. I will be stopping for cake and a few pints at the pub afterwards (conveniently positioned at the finish line). So if you are available on 19th February 2022, it would be great to see you there.

3 thoughts on “Winter Marathon – Firebird Series

  1. What a medal, and very well done! No one can feel as tired and bloated as me, out for a run with my friend Jen the morning after a very late full turkey roast dinner, though! Urgh!


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