Asics London 10k 2021

On 25th July 2021 I took part in the Asics London 10k. This is always an event I enjoy running, in fact it is my 8th time taking part in the London 10k, formally known as the British 10k. But after being cancelled in 2020, and with the year 2021 has been so far, with covid uncertainty, it was fantastic to see the London 10k return. One of the first large mass events to return in the UK, and it didn’t disappoint.

Today was the 8th time running the London 10k. The first time in 2012 remains my PB at 37:27. Followed by a charity entry in 2013 and media place in 2015. This was the 5th time pacing the London 10k, but the first time pacing the 50 minute group, as I usually pace 45 minutes. Unfortunately the event didn’t happen in 2020, but here is my 2019 Recap.

As always, I prepared my kit the night before in a #flatlay just to ensure I had everything I needed. I always like to be prepared to remove any unnecessary stresses on race morning.

It was so fantastic to be back at a huge event in London. As per instructions I filled out my health declaration and completed a lateral flow test the day before. This provides a degree of mitigation against covid transmission. To avoid encouraging bunching the race organisers decided not to have pacing flags, and we were referred to as the #cheersquad. In truth they are allowed pacers, and I understand the logic, but with this many people it doesn’t make too much difference, its busy anyway. It just meant that I was much more vocal to ensure people knew that we were there to support. So before we started I introduced myself, Geoff and Jon. I do prefer having a flag, but was able to generate a fun group for the 50 minute #funbus. I may have lost my voice shouting so much.

The start took a long time, but to be fair it always does. We took 20 minutes to get over the start line, but to be honest I think the filter at the start actually improved the experience. I had warned everyone that the beginning usually has a bit of congestion for the first mile but not to worry. But with this start there was no delays at any point, we had a clear path, which was great.

Geoff and Jon pulled ahead about 100 metres and I kept my pace on the markers. I knew I would want to pickupthepace at the end, but it was good to have a group between us. At each KM marker I shouted out where we should be and how we were doing, and every KM we were literally within a few seconds of target.

My group wasn’t as large as usual, but I enjoyed cheering people along. This is the best bit of pacing, calling out motivation and support along the way. So regardless of whether the runners were on my bus or not, I hope I was able to give a few a boost along the way. There was certainly a lot of positivity along the way, which was fantastic to see.

As we reached 9km I was calling for everyone to leave me and go ahead. I slowly closed the gap between Geoff and Jon and myself, and was very happy for an official finish of 49:50.

It’s been a while but we did it. Mass participation events are back with a bang, and the Asics London 10k was a great success. If you were out there how did you do? And what events do you have coming up next?

I’ve missed our meet ups and it was great to see the Asics Frontrunners out in force with lots of familiar, friendly faces.

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