Run Happy Team 2020

Over the last 3 years I have been part of the Brooks Run Happy Team. I absolutely love the ethos that the Brooks Team promotes, which is that a run can transform a day, a life or even the world.

A run can transform a day, a life, or even the world

With a purpose deep rooted in the brand to inspire everyone to run their path to a better self. This is a purpose which is very aligned to my personal belief, and the reason I pace… to help inspire people to be the best they can be.

Run your own path…

So this year, at the beginning of March, I was excited to go and meet the new Brooks Run Happy Team 2020. The team has doubled in size, so there were lots of of great new friends to be made.

Hello Hyperion Tempo

I was the first to arrive and check out our classroom set up. Obviously I was super excited to see the tables lined with the new (not yet released) Hyperion Tempo. You may have heard for the exclusive Hyperion Elite, well these are the training version of these, so more durable, but super light.

What if it starts with the runner?

The whole day was geared up at being relaxed, getting to know our teammates, and learning about Brooks. The above post pretty much sums it up, and to be honest I already knew this about Brooks. In 2001 they made a bold move and cut all lines of trainers except for running. To solely focus on being the best running shoe brand. Not to be an elite brand, to have the best running shoes for everyone, and to do this they sacrificed all other types of trainers, to purely focus on the run. But the best thing, with every upgrade any change is done for the benefit of the runner; “what if it starts with the Runner?”

Team London

This year we have formed sub teams by our geographical location and this is the London Team (minus a couple who couldn’t make it, or were in the coffee queue).

Did you know the blue midsole is a natural reaction to the nitrogen infusion

We got to try out our Hyperion Tempo and naturally I wanted to take a shoe picture, but a picture of a shoe picture is even better right.

Mid run selfie

The best thing about having a #runhappy ethos is that the whole team are bloody fantastic. Each and every person in the team just scream happy, they are up for a good time, and always have a smile on their face.

All pictures are better with a banana in them

It was lovely to get to know everyone a little better, where we told each other a bit about ourselves, including our favourite distance… little known fact: Marathon Dan has been living a lie, and despite his insta handle, his favourite distance is the “half marathon”.

What happens when run happy have drinks

After pizza and a brief about the awesome partnership between Brooks and Parkrun, we went to the bar. I’m so pleased that two organisations that want to bring happiness to running, and help build a community where people be the best they can be, are joining forces. I am looking forward to telling you more about what’s to come, but for now my lips are sealed.

Drinks with this bunch got a little messy, I had a few Corona, but when I heard shots coming I used that as my cue to leave. With a 20 mile run planned in the morning and family activities afterwards I knew it would be a bad idea to stay.


We had a great little group turn up for Fulham Parkrun. I wasn’t originally coming to this one, as Austin and I had other plans, but we decided to come and meet the team.

#runhappy at #IWDparkrun

It was International Womens Day so it was great to be involved in the celebration. Fulham was a good parkrun and a great way to end a perfect Brooks Run Happy Team launch. Because it was paved I used it as an opportunity to test my new Hyperion Tempo, and they are noticeably lighter than my normal trainers. I think I will save these for racing.

I definitely heel strike, but also know how to colour coordinate

That’s it for now, but look out for more Run Happiness throughout the year. To the Brooks Team, thank you for a great launch and for having me. To my teammates, you are all awesome and I’m proud to run alongside you.

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