Running Motivation – with Run with Rachel

As my Running Motivation series continues, I look for motivation from the wonderful Rachel. Rachel went from non runner to marathon runner in just 6 months, and has now completed 10 marathons. She is taking part in London 2020 and an Asics Frontrunner. You can follow Rachel on Instagram HERE.

Run with Rachel

What have been the highlight of 2019

Ooh gosh, I have a few actually. Been selected as an ASICS Frontrunner earlier in the year. I’ve met some really incredible people and made some really good friends. Setting a new marathon PB in Manchester. Running the Great North Run was incredible (apart from the big hill), it was the biggest race I’ve taken part in. I’ve also paced a lot of races too which I’ve loved. It’s really rewarding helping other people achieve their goals.

What are you most looking forward to in 2020

It’s got to be the London Marathon. I was lucky enough to receive one of my club places. I’m really excited to finally get the chance to run it. It really means a lot as I’ve been unsuccessful in the main ballot for 7 years.
Rachel on pacing duties

What are your top 3 tips to stay motivated to run

Set yourself goals.

It could be a small goal e.g. This week I want to run a total of 15 miles… or this week I’m going to run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

or it could be a bigger goal where you commit to a race or event.
Join a running club.

It’s a great way of making new friends and loads of like-minded people. The miles fly by when you have company. Plus it gets you out at least once a week!

If all else fails – bribery!

Rewarding yourself for your efforts works wonders! Mine is actually really silly – for my post run shower I can use my fancy Molten Brown shower stuff rather than the usual ‘whatever was on offer’ shower stuff.

I always think having goals, and rewards lined up is a great way to stay motivated. Its fantastic that I will get to see Rachel in London marathon, and hope to be running with her before then.

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