Day 7: 10 marathons in 10 days

7 days of running marathons. That is a whole week of running marathons every single day. Needless to say, my body is tired. Yesterday I ran the fastest of all the days so far, in 3:57. I did not expect to achieve that again, and I thought I would just see how the day went. On 7 April 2023, I ran my 7th marathon in as many days, and it was also my 50th marathon at Phoenix Running events, so I picked up my golden wings.

50th Marathon with Phoenix

To catch up on previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6. Also, have a little listen to Queen whilst you read my blog.


Today’s run was Intrepid. Fearless and adventurous. That pretty much sums up everyone taking in a 10 day multi stage event. People are still turning up and giving it their best. It is funny how the body works and how some people have good and bad days at different times. As it is Good Friday, there were a number of people who turned up just for the day or some weekend events. It was nice to see some new faces join us.

The first lap I set out slightly quicker than yesterday. For a small window, I thought, well, maybe I can get another sub 4. Despite feeling incredibly sore, I was holding decent speeds, and I carried on close enough for the second lap. I started to feel a little niggle in my left knee and I think the pace, with the twists and turns, was not helping. With another 3 days to go after this marathon, it was not worth risking to try and push to another sub 4, so I eased off with a loose target of sub 4:30.

Day 6 of 10

There were a few struggling faces on the tow path today, but everyone was intrepid. Adam came storming past me a few times, and it was great to celebrate Peter achieving his 100th half marathon. He also had the most delicious cake at the end.

Adam taking a selfie

Note to self, if you leave your phone on the side, everyone who walks past will take a selfie.

Annabel didn’t realise it was my phone

I finished today in a time of 4:25:45, and although it was a lot slower than yesterday, it wasn’t my slowest time of the week. I am starting to struggle with such fatigue in my legs. I’m physically tired, and the lapped route is getting tedious. With all that said and done, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Day 6 complete

With 3 days to go, I’m pleased with the fundraising efforts so far. If you can please hit the link below.

5 thoughts on “Day 7: 10 marathons in 10 days

    1. Today I am barely moving haha. But I had to take the dog for a walk first. It looks like:
      – eating junk food and a sugary drink as soon as possible
      – getting in the bath
      – using my Pulseroll gun (or getting others) to massage my legs
      – Trying to rest
      – eating more food and drinking (a balance between water and alcohol, one is a good idea, the other is just because…)
      – then I wear compression tights too bed
      – I’m about to go for pizza express


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