Day 5: 10 Marathons in 10 Days

Woah, we’re halfway there… on 5 April 2023, I completed my 5th Marathon in 5 days. This is a big milestone, as from tomorrow I will be counting down. Now I just need to hold on, whether I’m ready or not. This is not an easy challenge, and today, I started feeling more tired than any day so far. I also had a headache, but this is my own fault, as instead of hydrating last night, I just drank cider. Check out: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

Day 5, perseverance

Today’s run was perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Today is all about perseverance. Everyone is tired. Some were struggling with injuries or twinges. As you continue to push your body, your muscles become weaker and stop stabilising you as they should when you run, which makes you more prone to feel the discomfort. It isn’t a race. It’s about perseverance to get to the finish.

Day 5 finisher

Despite feeling more tired than any day this week and having a headache, I started running consistently. It took me a couple of miles to get to a pace I was happy with, but then I maintained it for longer than I expected. I had planned for my boy to come and run the last lap with me whilst my wife walked the dog, and at half the way, I had to phone to let them know they should come earlier. I had given them timings based on a 4:30 finish, but I was on for a 4:10 and not showing any real signs of slowing down.

I ran the first 7 laps alone and kept consistent throughout. I slowed a little on lap 6 and 7, but also partly knowing my family were running late, and either way, I would be waiting for them.

Running with my boy and dog

I arrived at the aid station for my final lap just as my family arrived. My boy came running over, ready for the final lap. Each lap is 3.28 miles, so it’s just over a 5k. I asked him to set the pace, which was on the faster side of what I had been running. It was fantastic running with him, and it did not feel hard. Well, that’s not strictly true. My legs were screaming at me, and my right knee was starting to feel sore. But, running with my boy distracted me from the discomfort, and we talked the entire lap. On our way back, we crossed paths with Adam Holland. Adam is an absolute legend and holds the 10 in 10 world record. He started just after an hour after me, but despite that, he had been finishing before me each day. I joked with him that I would beat him today, and this spurred my boy on. The final mile was my fastest of all 131 miles. I have run over the past 5 days. And we managed to beat Adam (just).

Running to the finish

Overall, it was a great day. Running with my boy and seeing my family was a great boost at the end. I am very tired, but I know I’m halfway there. It is strange to think that there are “only” 5 marathons left. This is a lot, but it is half the original challenge. My body is beaten, but I’m not out.

Fastest time so far

Today I finished in the fastest time so far for the 5 marathons, in 4:14:18. It felt good, and I’m hoping I will run as well tomorrow. There has been a theme of running about 10 mins slower in the other direction, so I hope tomorrow will see me finish around 4:25.

Footlong subway

I’m doing this challenge for Cancer Research, and your donations really make a difference. So far I have ran 131 miles in 5 days. Please consider donating whatever you can. Thank you 😊

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