We Are Houston 5k

On 15th January 2022 I took part in the We Are Houston 5k. I couldn’t resist signing up for the 5k after entering the Houston Marathon that takes place tomorrow. When you travel this far for an event it makes sense to make the most of it. On top of the 5k you will also get a special medal for running on both days.

Well needed coffee

It took a long time to get through airport security and make my way to my hotel. So after a 10 hour flight, a 6 hour time difference, and almost 4 hours from touch down to getting to the hotel, I didn’t get much sleep. I had a comfortable rest last night but really don’t think I slept. I was also nervous about not waking up, and aimed to get to packet pickup at the opening so left my hotel at 05:00. I was thinking I could do with something to eat when I noticed a 24/7 Dennys. Obviously not my usual pre race food, but I love a nice breakfast, and although not something I would eat before the marathon, it was a good choice for me before the 5k.

Dennys breakfast

After a 3 mile walk to the start I found the packet pickup to be quick and painless, so I actually had a lot of time to kill.

Ready to Run Hou

It was good to have a chilled out morning and meet Sarah from the USA Brooks Run Happy Team. With plans to meet up with more of the team later today.

Selfie with Sarah from Run Happy Team

We got ourselves ready for the 5k, and although it was cold, I think it was perfect running weather. I ended up being right near the front, but made sure I didn’t go off to fast. I have had a niggle on my left calf for a few weeks, and the priority is the marathon tomorrow. My 98th marathon towards the 100 marathon club, 93rd time pacing and 32nd marathon paced.

I started off at just under a 7 min mile. My GPS didn’t behave for the first mile, so it took time to tell me the right pace, but I kept it fairly steady. The course was great, pancake flat, so real PB potential. The was a bit of wind in one direction, but if I was racing I don’t think this would have made too much difference.

5k finish

I finished in 21:23 which I’m more than happy with. If my calf was OK I would have probably pushed harder, but didn’t want to risk it. Also, I would have never have aimed for much more than 20 mins the day before a marathon as it would just be too much for me. Instead I finished feeling good, and ready to go straight in the expo.

Run Guru selfie

It was great to see some of the Brooks Guru’s and I had a couple of special tops made for me by Shannon which is lovely. I purchased my customary visor, although I was very undecided because I preferred the look of the hats. The only shame was they didn’t have any of the special Texan Launch 8 which I had my eyes on and 100% thought they would have been at the expo. Not the end of the world, but would have been great to see them there.

Run Happy Run HOU

After a lovely morning in Houston I am ready to meet up with the Run Happy Team, and am looking forward to the marathon tomorrow.

Let me know if you are running this weekend and how you get on.

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