Houston Marathon 2022

On the 16th January 2022 I took part in the Houston Marathon. I always love going on adventures to travel and pace events around the world. Houston Marathon was the 5th State I have ran a marathon, and 4th I have paced. I am getting excited that I am so close to the 100 Marathon Club, with this being my 98th qualifying event. It was also 93rd event I have been an official pacer, 32nd at a marathon.

We are Houston 5k

Before we get on to the marathon, I had a lot of fun before. First of all there was the We Are Houston 5k, which led to meeting some of the USA Brooks Run Happy Team.

Meeting Des Linden

I got to meet Des Linden and she signed my pacing stick, before I went for the Brooks photo.

Brooks Run Happy Team

I ended up going for some nice craft beers. I probably had more than I should before a marathon, but it was great company, and my one night in Houston, so I made the most of it.

Great company and one too many beers

You will be pleased to know I got back to the hotel safely to do my flatlay ahead of the race.


Race morning was cold, and a good hour walk from my hotel again. I set off in plenty of time for a 6am pacer meet, and got sorted prior to the start. The expo is the same venue as gear check and toilets. It was nice to have a nice warm area before the race.

The sub 4 #funbus

It was a bit of a walk to the start line, and cold. I got there early so I could be there for the runners to find me. I had a big group, and I introduced them to the Funbus trying to ease nerves. We had a good mix of first timers and many going for their first sub 4. With Houston being mostly flat I talked about my pace strategy and reassured everyone about what lay ahead.

Sub 4 group

We started at around 07:15 and the roads are so wide that we had plenty of room. There were lots of spectators on the course and we had a large group from start to finish. It was very windy in places which made the temperature drop, but most of the run it was OK. There were a couple of hills, but I would still consider this a flat course. Water and gatorade was frequent, every couple of miles, and towards the end spectators were giving out beer and treats to runners.

Having fun in Houston

Towards the end, around mile 23, I started to lose a lot of runners which was a shame, but I picked up others along the way, giving a boost as we passed. Such a friendly atmosphere from everyone I met.

Teamwork all the way

The course was well marked and very accurate. Of course we ran much further than 26.2 but we hit the markers on time every mile. I kept everyone updated on how we were doing and we kept a consistent pace throughout.

Lots of smiles

There were a couple of poor GPS spots, and at one point my watch said I was running 17 minute miles, but I just kept us steady.

Houston Marathon

The medal was fantastic and the sub 4 funbus came in with an unofficial time of 3:59:44. I also made it on the live feed.

Leading the #Funbus

I had a great time in Houston. The finish line was great, we received an extra medal for doing a race on both days, and as well as the finishers tee you got a towel and a beer glass. I spent a bit of time at the runfestival at the end, before making my way to the airport. Another successful trip.

Finish line of Houston Marathon

5 thoughts on “Houston Marathon 2022

  1. Wow, that was a big group you were pacing at the beginning, Paul. I can imagine it really would be hard to see some of the group fall back. But the pace has to be maintained. Am amazed how you can pace a sub 4 so precisely. It has been a few years since I have run a marathon. Nearly all trail ultras now. Your pace would be the one I would be joining. Great recap! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃😀


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