Day 3 of 11: 11 Marathons in 11 Days

On 11th May 2021 I took part in my 3rd of 11 marathons in 11 days. Today was all new territory for me. I have never ran 3 marathons in 3 days before, so I was not entirely sure how today would go. I woke up on Day 3 early. I didn’t sleep that well and I was certainly a lot more tired and my muscles are aching. However, I still have my stretch target in mind which is sub 4 every day. In fact, now I delivered 3:59:27 on day 1, I want to try and get as close to that each day as possible,  to run as consistently as possible.

Day 3 #flatlay

Today was not only the most marathons I’ve ever ran in a row, but also a milestone in the 100 marathon club journey.  With today being my 75th qualifying event towards the 100 marathon club. I also believe it is my 25th marathon with Phoenix Running Events.

Coming over the blue bridge

I arrived early at the start, so set off early. Once again lots of familiar faces, but one distinct change, Rik sent us in the other direction. The route today has some tighter spots, some uneven surface and a blue bridge which we had to climb 16 times. There is the benefit of the accuracy of the route, meaning I had to adjust my pace, and slow down a few seconds per mile in order to achieve the same time. The other route is accurate,  but because of covid they have moved the start area, making it about 10 metres long each lap.

So many swans on this route

I’m not sure which route I prefer. This way is more scenic, and has some lovely areas. Also has the benefit of coming in about 0.3 of a mile shorter. I also came across a woman walking her pet Cockerell, very random. But the other route is flatter, more even under foot, and let’s be honest, more familiar to me so I had it worked out where I needed to be at each lap. It put my pacing to the test today, as it’s more than just running the same pace, on a new course I had to work out and adjust my pace to the course, in an attempt to get the same time as the last two days.

Day 3 medal Dauntless

I am happy enough with that. Another new time on the watch, although I need to wait for the official time, but my unofficial time is 3:59:27. My right knee was feeling sore at times, so I will concentrate on rest and recovery tonight. I have already eaten my first lunch, but this feels like a 3 lunch kinda day.

Day 3 finish

I am happy that I’ve raised over £2,500 for Cancer Research. Thank you for all your donations yesterday. I also still have 35 medals left for the #FunbusMarathon For you to complete your own virtual challenge and get one of my amazing medals, so it’s not to late to get involved.

Day 3

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