Double the Force Marathon

On 2nd May 2021 I took part in the Double the Force Marathon. This was a live event with Phoenix Running, but also doubled up with my Virtual Global Marathon with the #globalrunclub. So one Marathon and an epic three medals to run for, what a day to run.


As always, I got my kit ready the day before. This Marathon was my 3rd for 2021, my 63rd official marathon and 72nd for the 100 marathon club. I have done a 3 over the last 3 weeks getting myself ready for my biggest challenge yet. 11 Marathons in 11 Days, all for Cancer Research.

I had an 8:20 start today and I cut it really fine. I arrived with about 8 minutes to spare, and I had to stop at the toilet and get ready. So I arrived at the start line just in time to have my temperature checked, with 30 seconds until our wave started. All a little rushed, but once I started it was fine.

Marathon running

I set off at 7:30 min mile pace and felt comfortable. The aim to finish in around 3:20. I’m pretty happy with my splits. Over the 8 laps I stayed pretty consistent with my pace. I had a nice run, and everyone out running with me was happy and exchanging smiles and greetings as we passed one another.

Always smiling

It wasn’t until 20 miles that I started to slow, and my pace then dropped to between 7:40 and 8 min miles. I was still pretty happy and feeling within my comfort. Today wasn’t about racing. In fact, in 7 days time my aim for the 11 marathons is 3:59, so 90 seconds slower a mile. Running a Marathon at 7:40 min mile in training is a real confidence boost for when I go to take on a sub 3 later in the year.

Double the Force Marathon complete

I finished in a time of 3:23:15, and the course is always a little long here. My garmin had me at 26.2 at 3:19:25, so either way, around the time I was aiming for. Today I am impressed with the medals. It seems like a Star Wars clear out, with 6 medals on offer and the option to pick a pair.

Global Marathon complete

On top of my double medal for double the Force, I got my huge Global Marathon medal, and wore my finisher cap with a big smile.

I finished the day having a picnic with my family, and feeling good about the achievement. Next time I’m writing my blog will be after my first day of my 11 marathon challenge. I have lots of people signed up for the #FunbusMarathon where people set their own challenge over the 11 days. I still have 60 medals and I would love you to join me. Its £15 for an entry and profits go straight to Cancer Research.

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