Hard Cheese and Whine Marathon

On 25th April 2021 I took part in the Hard Cheese and Whine Marathon with Phoenix Running Events. This event is held in Denbies Wine Estate, and is certainly a challenging course. It is always held on the same date as London Marathon, so if you haven’t got a place at London Marathon “Hard Cheese”, don’t “Whine”…

It is a real shame for the second year in a row London Marathon isn’t at its usual date. I’ve missed London and hope next year it can be back to normal. Although I’ve not been able to pace for a year, or run as much as normal, today was my 2nd Marathon of 2021, and 62nd Official Marathon (71 towards 100 Marathon Club).

#flatlay time

The idea of this event was a warm up marathon for my 11 Marathons in 11 Days, which starts in just 14 days. I had thought about pushing a bit harder, but first of all, the course at Denbies is tough, and secondly I had far too much to drink on Friday, and on the morning of the marathon I was still feeling fragile.

Another hill coming

This event was chip timed, so much more flexible than normal. With a staggered start I turned up in the morning, got myself ready, and was free to start whenever I wanted. Chip timing started as soon as you crossed the timing mat for the first of 8 laps.

During the event I started off looking at around a 3:30 Marathon time, but there are two big hills, and each lap they felt steeper and steeper. There were a couple of fast down hills, but that did not make up for the up. I thought about my 11in11 happening in just 14 days, so decided to pull back and just get under 4 hours. My number one goal for my 11 marathons would be to achieve 3:59 for all 11.

Another sub 4 marathon complete

I finished strong, my average pace had dropped to 9 min miles, but my last lap I ran a sub 8 and got a Garmin time of 3:57:26, happy days.

Marathon 71 complete

After a lovely run I had a family picnic, then walked another lap with the family. That counts as an ultra right 😄

Next week I will be running another marathon, keeping my legs used to the challenge ahead, and the week after I start 11 Marathons in 11 Days. I have hit my first milestone of £1,000 for Cancer Research, would be great if you can help me get to the next milestone.

So many people were running today. How did you get on?

Hard Cheese and Whine Marathon

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