Lockdown Lowdown with… Richard Davies

For my latest Lockdown Lowdown with Richard Davis we learn that Richard is enjoying the freedom, but missing his family and friends.

What have you learnt about yourself during the Lockdown?


I’ve actually learnt I can do a lot to keep busy at home. There’s more to life than a training plan and hard runs! Though I love the routine of training, I’ve learned to love the downtime and a lighter load.

I’ve rekindled my love of baking, particularly bread – and I will definitely carry on baking once lockdown ends so I can share my creations with friends and family!

What are you doing to stay motivated?

I’m actually really enjoying the downtime, I’m running when I feel like it, rather than nearly every day and I’m benefiting from the rest. I’m going to bring back a bit of a routine as the lockdown goes on to keep things changing and to make
sure my motivation is higher near the end of lockdown

I’ve also discovered Zwift which provides an online community for bike racing!!

What are you most looking forward to when we get out of Lockdown


Obviously seeing family and friends again, but possibly some of the more normal things like going to the office or eating lunch in the park!!

As for running I’m a huge parkrun fan, so the first parkrun after lockdown will be epic!

What rearranged event are you looking forward to doing and why


I’ve possibly entered the only race that hasn’t been cancelled! My ‘A race’ this year was to be Helsinki Half Marathon in June and it’s still on. I can’t see it going ahead but I’ve missed a few weeks worth of critical training for it now anyway.

The rearranged Brighton marathon weekend 10k is the one I’m looking forward to as there is still plenty of time to put in some big training sessions.

What challenges have you set yourself in lockdown, or for when you get out?

To work through my DIY list and to perfect vegan millionaires shortbread.

Oh, and another 10k PB when I get out.

What makes you #runhappy


The social element is a big part. I love chatting before and after runs, particularly parkrun. I can spend the whole Saturday morning in the café afterwards.

When actually running, it’s just those few minutes of freedom, when your body responds to what is asked of it, and occasionally gives a bit more.

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