Lockdown Lowdown with … Tommy Knight

Next up we get the Lowdown with Tommy (@knight.running) who tells us about how he is keeping busy with challenges during the Lockdown.

What have you learnt about yourself during the lockdown?

I’ve learnt a lot during lockdown but one of the big things I’ve noticed is my need to be busy. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing nor a good thing, I just have this desire to be occupied. Exercise, odd jobs around the house, random challenges, creative ideas and some bizarre inventions. I’ve never been good at sitting at peace with myself and clearing my mind but this lockdown has almost forced me to become at one with myself (as cliche as it sounds) and by doing so it’s opened my mind and my heart to new ambitions, relationships and a greater lease for life.

What are you doing to stay motivated?

My way of staying motivated during this is trying to keep others motivated, sometimes just by being there to talk to, being part of team challenges or simply setting up a Sunday 9am virtual run club. Also by being active on social media with as many people as I can and trying to inspire others is almost subconsciously helping me stay motivated. I get a lot of my drive and ambition from others around me. It’s what pushes me to do more and be better.

What are you most looking forward to when we get out of lockdown?

Obviously seeing my friends and family, my run club and my instagram family are at the top of my list, I’ve missed them all to a point I didn’t realise existed, but during lockdown I’ve realised my desire to become a run coach so I’m looking forward to being able to fully pursue my new goals. Oh and running in the forests. I’ve missed them!

What rearranged events are you looking forward to doing and why?

Paris marathon! It was… IS still my A race, I worked extremely hard to aim for a goal pb and by being postponed to my favourite time of year (autumn) and by giving me some extra months to train harder and faster I will be able to break my previous goal and strive for more!

What challenges have you set yourself in lockdown or for when you get out?

One challenge I set myself during lockdown was to climb Mt Everest on my stair case! With the idea coming from two fellow brooks team mates I just had to be a part of it! And it quickly became one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever embarked on! It was purely down to my stubbornness to reach the top, an insanely supportive girlfriend who refused to let me give up and an incredible show of motivation from everyone who helped push me and inspire me to reach the summit!

As for when I get out of lockdown my goal is to connect with people. Social anxiety is my struggle, but I love connecting and meeting with new people, I’m confident behind the protection of my screen but in real life it’s hard, so I want to try and meet as many people, new and old friends as I can. Put myself out there and see where it takes me.

What makes you #runhappy?

Running. A super simple and easy answer for me. Running is my release, I feel empowered. I feel in control, I feel free. I love running with friends, with club members, with new people or by myself.. in the streets & on the trails.. I love the sessions where the sweat is dripping and stinging your eyes, I love the cool breezed easy runs, I’m not a massive fan of the cold winter morning runs but hey.. cant all be sunshine and rainbows.. Running is what makes me happy, everything else is just a damn good bonus.

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