AIR:Run Launch

Have you heard of AIR:Run? Well today I was invited to the launch of a new concept by the organisers of Richmond Runfest. The concept of Audio Inspired Running.

Audio Inspired Running

Over the last 3 years I have had a fantastic time running and organising the Pacers for Kew 10k (take a look at my review from this year HERE). This year, for the first time, I took part in the full Richmond Runfest experience and paced the Marathon. Branded as the flatest marathon in London, I had a brilliant time (take a look at how it went HERE).

Amazing medal

This year they are announcing their next adventure. AIR:RUN. On 31st May 2020 there will be a 10k and half marathon with a totally different concept. An Auido Inspired Run.

The 10k route

How often do you get to runs and find runners with headphones, annoying right? Or you get there wanting to wear headphones and you are not allowed… Well on this fully closed route you will be actively encouraged to run with headphones. Listen to your own music, and receive motivation from Eastnine who will be filling your airwaves with motivation throughout the course.

Half marathon route

But if you dont want to have your headphones in that’s ok. We will have pacers for both the 10k and half marathon to offer motivation as we go.

Can you spot the undulation for the half

I am looking forward to pacing and joining in the fun at this inaugural event. Who is with me? Oh, and remember Richmond is undulating, and the clue is in the logo…

Can’t believe I didn’t realise I was with the legend David Bedford

Embarrassing fact… when you spend the evening with the legend that is David Bedford, and don’t even realise. By the time I did realise it was too late to ask for a selfie 🤣😬

2 thoughts on “AIR:Run Launch

  1. Interesting idea. I don’t like to run with headphones as I use them for work so prefer to hear natural sounds, so it’s great there’s that option, too. Hope it goes well!


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