The National Running Show LONDON

The National Running Show has quickly become a regular fixture in a runners diary, to kick start the year. The National Running Show, held in Birmingham, will be back for its 3rd year on 25th-26th January 2020 and you can get tickets HERE, use “AMB10” for free tickets. I always have great fun, and you can see my recap from The National Running Show 2019 HERE.

Chilling out with Paula and Mike

I always make the most of the weekend, and enjoy speaking with the running community, both on stage and in person throughout the show. The date is ideal to get us started for the Spring season. I have a quiet period in the Summer and have often thought before that it would be great to do something like this in time for the Autumn season.

The National Running Show London

I was excited to be invited to the launch of The National Running Show 2020. There was a great collection of people from the running community at the launch, which was held in the Business Design Centre in Islington, the home of the show which will be held on the 13th-14th June 2020. Tickets are available HERE.

Mike Seaman announcing the launch of the new show

At the launch Mike Seaman, Director of Raccoon Events, talked passionately about the new event. He told me:

We chose to bring NRS to London because we felt that there was room for a show to target the autumn race season in the same way as we use our Birmingham show in January to target the spring race season. We did some research and our audience clearly told us when and where the show should be! The thing I’m most excited about are the new features like the cinema and the neon track. The BDC is a unique venue and enables you to create som interesting and different features

The speakers so far

The National Running Show London already has a great line-up of speakers including: Dame Kelly Holmes, Roger Black MBE and Nell McAndrew. Susie Chan and Danny Bent will be co-hosting.

Some of the features

There are a number of new exciting features at the inaugural event in the capital. Successful features from the National Running Show such as the Running Skills Theatre will be joined by The Running Cinema, a Community Bar, and a the neon track which will be an opportunity to try new kit, with great support. There will be a track with a balcony for a cheer squad, it looks like it will be great fun. This is the Run The Dark zone.

View of the event space for the show

I had the opportunity to look around the venue, which looks like the perfect space for the show. I’m excited, who will be there with me?

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