North London Squad event

On 1st December 2016 I was fortunate enough to be given an exclusive invite to join the North London  Half Marathon squad, and take part in a launch event at Wembley. Having never taken part in a launch event I did not really know what to expect, and felt privileged to be invited to be part of this. When I was told the event took place at 8 I wondered what it would involve. It soon became clear when I received the event information, I realised it was an 8am start and that I was going to be working out 💪


I was invited by the @fitnessrewards01 guys, to represent the team as a fitness rewards ambassador. The North London Half Marathon is in its 3rd year, and has a new improved route which has arguably one of the greatest finish lines around; Wembley Stadium. It is only fitting that the #NLSquad event would take place in Wembley Stadium, and it was a great experience to have such free access to the iconic building. As a leading sponsor, the Vitality principles were evident for this event. Fitness Rewards with Vitality are all about rewarding you for being active, and this event was designed to follow this ethos.

We arrived in the England Team’s changing room to get ready (which was pretty cool). Waiting for us were tops and event bags full of little treats. We quickly got ready and made our way though the players tunnel to the pitch.

Here we met the event ambassador, Adrienne Herbert, who was ready to take us for our work out. It was a freezing morning but we warmed up quickly with this high intensity workout. I’ve not had much time lately to vary my training, so this was s real shock to the system. I’m a fit guy, and can run a marathon any day of the week, but I found this tough. We were jumping, squatting, lunging and sprinting.

Once we finished the high intensity session there was a real concentration on stretching, something I’ve neglected over the years. This was evident and clearly something I need to pay a little more attention to. We had a good group of people at the #NLSquad event that made it even more enjoyable.

We then made our way back to the changing room and I washed my “golden balls” in the same place as many sporting heros before me. Making our way to our exclusive box overlooking the pitch we had a few refreshments before being taken on a behind the scenes tour. What a fantastic way to end a great morning.

I’m really enthused by this event, and being in Wembley made me excited for the finish. I’ve ran through and even finished in stadiums before, but nothing quite compares to Wembley Stadium. This promises to be a great event, and I’m looking forward to running it for the first time. Come on #NLSquad


What a great start to the day that easily got me maximum points for the day, meaning I will be enjoying even more rewards next week. I can’t recommend fitness rewards enough, if you are unsure about it just get a quote and find out more details, you will be so pleased you did:

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