The Fugitive Half Iron

17th July 2016: 5:36:12

This was my first ever half iron distance… More specifically my second triathlon (the first being last week), and only the 4th time I’ve worn a wetsuit. So I am very happy with my result, and very happy with my selection. All pre registration was great.

This is a small event, so I was not sure what to expect. With all the IMUK posts going on I went to register nice and early to enjoy the environment. Was a little surprised when it was over in a minute as you just got number, swim hat and one gel… Oh well at less than half the price of IM the thrills are not there.

So race day starts, racking was quick and easy, but 5 toilets was not enough. No worries I went in the bushes 😂😂

Swim was great, very well organised and with a nice current. Was a little confusing at start as it was changed to two laps at the last minute rather than one.

When I got out of the water transition was easy and on to bike. We had to run across grass and loose gravel stones which was not ideal.

The bike was great an out and back with 3 laps. The lap though was torture, a hill which makes box hill feel short, which lasted about 8 miles, but on the plus side we later had a fast down hill where I reached 40mph which for a novice cyclist I found fast. Bottles given out each lap to replace fluids so this was really good and the high5 bottle made a nice goodie.

BAck to transition, over same gravel to get to racking, then 4 laps of a 5k route. Technically 1k short of the half iron distance, but nice route, trail run along the river predominantly.

At the finish was something to eat and fizzy drinks, just what I needed, and a nice medal…


All round great day out and great event that I would recommend.

its not an easy bike nor does it have the thrills, but if you are looking for an affordable half iron, which is well organised and friendly then you are in the right place.


Having picked up my results I was very happy with the swim (I’m a real novice and I felt comfortable). I found the hills on the bike hard and slow, but there is good room for improvement. On the plus side I was not that fatigued at the end. On to the run, my strength… I took this slow and still found I was overlapping people constantly, very good boost to confidence… Ironman in 2 months, am I ready?? NO. Will I finish? of course I will. Should I have trained more… 😁😁😁😁


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