Day 7 of 11: 11 Marathons in 11 Days

On 15th May 2021 I took part in my 7th of 11 marathons in 11 days. I started today more worried than any other day. I finished yesterday with a niggle in my hamstring, which was still there before my run. So I started, worried about injury, about not being able to finish, and breaking my sub 4 streak. But things were better than I thought, and I finished, and it’s a great feeling to have ran 7 marathons in 7 days.

Day 7 #flatlay

Blue and green today for my #flatlay. I ran my 79th qualifying event towards the 100 marathon club, and it’s great to see this number flying ever closer to 100.

Once again it was raining today. Fortunately it didn’t rain to much during my actual run, but puddles have started to form on the towpath making the course more technical. I got a lift with my family today, so I started an hour later than I have been during the week. It meant that towards the end of my run everyone kept asking if it was my last lap when I had two more to go. I am really pleased with how today went, considering I spent the first two laps nursing a dodgy hamstring and really worrying, I worked through and managed to finish.

Day 7 done

You will be forgiven for thinking that this is my photo from yesterday. Its not, its just the same time, 3:59:24 on my watch, with an official time of 3:59:23. I am so happy to have completed 7 marathons in 7 days so consistently. When pacing I always tell people how important it is to pace within your comfort. I see far too many people pacing a time that is to close to their own best. I have previously said I am so comfortable with sub 4 that I could do it any day of the week. I have now just proved to myself that I can pace sub 4 EVERY day of the week.

Day 7 finish

Over £3,500 raised for Cancer Research. Thank you so much for all your donations. I also still have around 30 medals left for the #FunbusMarathon For you to complete your own virtual challenge and get one of my amazing medals, so it’s not to late to get involved. Please do get involved.

Day 7

2 thoughts on “Day 7 of 11: 11 Marathons in 11 Days

  1. Amazing work! And such metronomic pacing, astounding! I told my friend Jen about you and your challenge today when we were bimbling around the new paths in one of our local parks and she was seriously impressed!

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