What is Runfulness? It is Mindfulness unlocked by running. That feeling you get when you go for a run and truly let go. Where your thoughts run wild, you have a sense of freedom, relaxation and you are at peace. When I run, I’m in my happy place, how about you?


When you reach a state of Runfulness, this is when some of your best ideas can happen, and maybe, just maybe, it’s when you will have that special idea that can change a day, a life, the world.

Ready to hear about the Runfulness Project

As part of the Run Happy Team, I learnt about the Runfulness Project today. In truth, I had already read articles about it, and mindfulness is already something I’m familiar with. Reflection is an important part of leadership, and something I spend a lot of time doing.

Runfulness is where I want to be, I relax, and I let all the thoughts of the day leave me when going for a run. Other times I plot world domination, then forget how it started at the end.

New Adrenaline 19 drop

The Runfulness Project provides that opportunity to put your ideas into action with the Run Fund, so check out the initiative HERE.

Some of the Brooks Run Happy Team

I had lots of fun at the European Event, held virtually of course, where we had a good old catch up. Played cards against runners, and received an awesome kit drop.

Cards against Runners

Until, next time… Run Happy 😊

One thought on “Runfulness

  1. How lovely! I had quite a hard 10 miler today (have been running a lot but not long but I and my friend wanted to get up to finding 10 an OK distance to just bash out), after going on my recumbent bike on a women running bloggers’ zoom call for 45 minutes of what I thought was gentle indoor cycling yesterday. I had a few things on my mind but had to fully concentrate on getting round!


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