Run Happy Relay

On 26th April 2020 Brooks launched a two week long #runhappyrelay. With the Lockdown in place and races being cancelled, this seemed like a great idea to get people running together “virtually”. So I jumped in with both feet with #teamfunbus.

I decided to merge two initiatives and kicked off the Run Happy Relay with my #twopointsixchallenge by running a marathon on my treadmill. This was “Not the London Marathon” and although I was really sad to not be able to run London Marathon, I made sure I got my marathon done. The reality is I’ve missed 8 marathons so far this year, and I’m not going to run them all on the treadmill, but this was a good way to kick off the challenge.

After finishing my marathon I threw my #funbus banana and the relay began. We covered over 90 miles between us on the first day, which was amazing. After the start I couldn’t keep up with that level of organisation because I was working, but I committed to running every day. In fact over the two week challenge I personally ran over 180 miles, more than I ever have before

We had lots fun over the two week period and I’m so grateful for such a fantastic running community. Who would have thought so many people would have been up for running around with a banana and throwing it to each other.

There are far too many people to list, but they know who they are. I’m grateful for those that got behind the relay, but most of all I’m pleased to hear that it got some people motivated to get out and run, and put a smile on others faces.

That is the whole point after all, to get out there, smile and have fun.

I tried to keep it fun every day, and decided to run to work every day, which meant that I had to run home, which was 13 miles a day.

There were a few banana casualties as a result of this relay, but all for a great cause.

I am so grateful for all the energy and it just goes to show, that despite the hard times we are all going through personally, we can all pull together and have fun.

Social media is full of virtual races and challenges right now, so plenty for people to get behind. I can’t wait to take on my next challenge with you all.

Thank you everyone for joining in on the #runhappyrelay. What’s next for you?

4 thoughts on “Run Happy Relay

  1. That’s a lot of miles – well done! I’m enjoying my solo early morning runs and running fasted almost every time and not having a sugary drink with me or snack after (small runs, breakfast directly after) seems to mean the snacking during the day hasn’t increased the amount of Liz in the world, which is useful!


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