LIDL Bananaman Triathlon

9th July 2016: Team Time Trial with Epsom Triathlon Club-

0.8 Km swim 31.8 Km bike 7.5 Km run

Total time: 1:58:36

I completed this event as my first ever triathlon, as part of a team with two others from Epsom Triathlon Club (ETC). This was different to a relay and we tackled the course as a team, with our leader being the only person with a chip time, so we start and finish together.

This was only the fourth time I wore a wetsuit and the first time in open water race conditions. Man this was a brutal swim start. There were over 30 teams all with 3 each, so there were over 100 people who went into Dorney Lake to start treading water. It felt very crowded, and then we were off. I got hit in the head, someone grabbed my leg and pulled me back, certainly a rough start… I am pleased to note that at the end everyone, some very experienced triathletes included, thought it was a tough swim start. This makes me feel good about my first swim. I got into a good rhythm after the first 300 metres and went wide to find space. It felt like I took ages, but came out before one of my team, the other is a very fast swimmer and was waiting for us. The swim time is recorded as sub 14 and t1 as sub 5. I guess my swim must have been about 15 minutes.


Next on to the bike. I am a novice on the bike, and at this point a couple of 30 milers is about the best I have done. I was by far the slowest of my team, but I drafted off them and took my turn to take the lead, I know I held them back a little but very pleased with just over 1 hour for 20 miles. Strong pace for me on a super flat course.


After a very short transition we were on to the 7.5k run. I am a runner so found this easy and took this at an easy pace to keep with my team, just as they had with me for the bike. Apart from a numb bum I felt fresh and I could have pushed hard. I also knew I was pacing a 10k at a quick pace the following day, so glad to take this gentle.


Overall, sub 2 hours for this event and a wonderful first tri experience, I was very pleased with the result.


This was a fantastic event organised by Human Race, and one that I will definitely do again, and I’m sure the other 17 members of my team, and more, will come again. There is a varied schedule of events that run for the whole day, with various distances taking place continuously. It is a well organised and a smooth race.

LIDL set up a free BBQ which runs throughout the day so all spectators can eat and drink for free whilst you compete, then there is plenty of food and drink for competitors when they finish. As you would expect from the name there are also plenty of bananas. A non-alcoholic beer awaited all finishers, and this to was given out freely, I had a few to wash down the burgers.

Best of all it was great for the whole family who often give up their time for my races. My boy spent hours in the bouncy castle so barely missed me whilst I raced.

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