Road to Boston Marathon

Over the years I have repeatedly said I want to run a sub 3 marathon, and finishing the World Marathon Majors with a Boston Qualifying time is the ultimate goal. Although I have always had the desire, I haven’t had the hunger. Everyone will know that I would much rather pace a race, as this is what I enjoy about running; the social element of helping someone achieve their goals. After 7 years of helping people achieve their goals, there is something missing, and that hunger is starting to come back; I want to run Boston Marathon.

The start of the London Marathon with the #funbus

Don’t get me wrong, when events start allowing pacers I will be there flying the sub 4 #funbus flag. But the current restrictions have given me the kick I need to start training properly again. I make no secret about the fact that sub 4 Marathons are within my comfort. I intentionally pace so I am comfortable, meaning I am more able to support and encourage runners around me, I would never want to risk other people’s races. But that means over the years my body has got very used to running at a slower pace. My form has changed, my stride, strength and conditioning, everything needs work, and right now running faster is hard.

Training to #pickupthepace

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working with Coach Kev to start having some focus to my training. Having a plan and building in speed work is something I always tell people they need to do, I’ve just not been doing it myself. Intersport X Newbalance have been supporting me on my journey to New York Virtual Marathon, in an attempt to run sub 3. The reality is this started to late, but this is the start of my journey. I will attempt a virtual marathon much quicker than I would usually run, and a sub 3:15 would be a good target for me. My PB is 3:08, but that was in 2013. But this is only the beginning. It has made me think about having the confidence to put myself out there, and aim for my goal of a Boston Qualification. I have booked Richmond Marathon 2021 which is in March, and I hope to be ready to achieve my goal.

I’m ready for the Journey

I am putting myself out there, which is scary. Failure is a possibility, but I will keep trying, I’m going to work for it, and I’m going to start sharing my journey with you, sharing my sessions so you know what it takes to get sub 3 ready.

Working hard for a Boston Qualification

I want to also get help and support from people who have done it, from those that have ran sub 3. So watch out for guest blogs with their tips of what they think it takes to run a Boston Qualification. If you are reading this and you think you can help me, and everyone else, then get in touch. In the meantime, watch this space…

5 thoughts on “Road to Boston Marathon

  1. I know you can do it – you know the theory and you are very determined. I’ve never been bothered about running fast but then when I wanted to I taught myself to run off road and long, so we can do anything within physical reason if we put our minds to it.

    Best of luck and keep stretching and yogaing to avoid injury.


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