AfterShokz Xtrainerz Headphone Review

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

I am really pleased to have been sent a pair of #Xtrainerz (pronounced cross trainers) from AfterShokzuk as part of their #shokzsquad to review.

The AfterShokz package

I have previously been wearing the #trekzair for running, and I’m a fan of the bone conduction technology.

Bone Conduction Technology?

I asked Aftershok about Bone Conduction Technology and they said:

There are two types of audio conduction: air conduction and bone conduction. Air conduction is the most common for headphones. But whilst we immerse ourselves in the music in this way, we can’t hear the noise that surrounds us. Also, they often become uncomfortable for our ears when wearing them for a long time. With bone conduction on the other hand, you don’t have either of these issues.
AfterShokz headphones generate miniature vibrations which travel through your cheekbones. The vibrations go directly to your inner ears (cochlea), bypassing your eardrums. Because of this, you are free to enjoy music without blocking your ears. This leaves you with situational awareness and comfort.

Xtrainerz designed for cross training

The set up

I have had my Xtrainerz a couple of weeks, but it has taken me a while to get them set up. Unlike their other ranges which are compatible with spotify and are bluetooth enabled, these have built in MP3. This means you dont need a watch or phone to listen to music and you can save up to 1200 songs on the device. They are waterproof so you can use them for any sport, including swimming. The downside is you need to use a computer to upload music. I dont have one accessible, so I went to my in laws, had to download some software which was simple to RIP MP3 from CDs, and I filled it up with lots of older CDs.

It was actually simple to set up, and if you have and use a computer regularly it won’t be an issue. It is just not as easy as the other ranges to set up, but this is a minor issue.

Xtrainerz in water

Xtrainerz can be submerged in up to 2 metres of water for 2 hours. They fit really well, and have great sound. I have used these running and they are just as good as their other models. One thing that absolutely blew me away is how they sounded in water. I turned them on with one button, and the music started on shuffle mode. The sound was great, and when I put my head under water the sound intensified, and the base was awesome.

The Xtrainerz swim test

I swam for an hour and this is a real game changer. I’m not going to be counting laps and getting bored any more when swimming, I cant believe that whilst swimming laps I’m going to be listening to music the whole way. I wore a swim cap to keep them in place, and didn’t notice wearing them at all.

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

Im a fan, and these are going to join me for every swim. As a runner these are great to be able to listen to music, but still be aware of surroundings. What this does mean is load noise, such as traffic, can make it hard to listen to on occasions. In the water these issues go away, and I wouldn’t want anything else.

The only improvement I would suggest is to make them compatible with spotify etc, and bluetooth. In use they are fantastic, but in this day and age the initial set up could be easier.

At least I’m getting to listen to some good oldies.

Price: £139.95 you can buy from Amazon HERE

7 thoughts on “AfterShokz Xtrainerz Headphone Review

  1. It’s interesting that AfterShokz have chosen to create a headphone in 2019 that doesn’t have Bluetooth support. I wonder if this is stepping stone before they release headphones with built in apps?!? I’m not sure how that would work though.

    Music whilst swimming sounds amazing!


    1. Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater, I believe, and these are being sold as swimming headphones, not general purpose headphones. Ergo, no bluetooth.


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