Superhuman Academy

It’s not every day you get an email inviting you to go to a Superhuman Academy. So when Brooks invited me to take part in the #superhumanyou campaign it was an easy decision to make. I joined a team of a Dozen from the UK, and there were teams from all around Europe. I must say Team UK know how to #runhappy

Ready to be a student again

When we arrived in Portugal we checked into a fantastic hotel, and were inducted as students to the Academy. This is where we had the first idea of what would be happening. And the waiver we had to sign started to get us a little anxious of what was to come.

Half of the UK team with Charlotte, Matt, Charlie, Helen and Leanne

Superhuman Gear

Not gonna lie, this was pretty cool

It started off very easy, with gear check. We had our own seats, that literally had our names on. We received a passionate talk by Carson about the new range of energised trainers. I received a pair of the new Levitate 2, but also being released were the bedlam which use guiderails as the new approach to a supportive trainer.

Superhuman Balance

Couldn’t wait to get up there

The challenges then became more difficult with the balance being a wall across a 4 metre high tightrope. We followed holding on to an instructor which made it possible for us all to complete, but it was still difficult.

Superhuman Strength

The upside down plank…

My favourite activity of the day was climbing half way up our hotel, then doing an abs work out. You would be surprised how hard it is to just lean back and hold your body straight, let alone do various exercises up there. My abs are still aching 2 days later, not I loved it.

Just hanging around

Superhuman Mind

Probably the strangest part of the day, but we had a 30 minute relaxation session with Wim HOF (iceman) breathing and holding our breath. This wasn’t my sort of thing, especially as I have a cold at the moment. We followed by going into an ice bath for up to 2 minutes. This was hard, and Paul who was sat next to me got out after 30 seconds, this was the excuse for me to follow.

Fully in, let it go.

Superhuman Run

Ready to run

The run is what it’s all about for me. We got to test out our new trainers on a scenic 10k run. We split into groups and I had a steady run with Matt, Alban, Charlotte and Charlie.

Still smiling at 6k in

What a fantastic end to our lessons.

Levitate 2


Woohoo let the fun begin

What better way to end the day than with a graduation. It was a long, fun night where we all got to know each other better. I think in this instance, when it comes to photos of the night, less is more.

A huge thank you to Claire, Alban and the team at Brooks for their hospitality.

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