Fitness Rewards Ambassador  

Life insurance that rewards you!!

Since starting a family I have considered life insurance important as protection in the worst of scenarios, at least my family will not face financial problems.

Like many, I took out a basic life insurance that would cover my mortgage. I got nothing from this, and just pay every month, hoping to never have to cash in, or that my family will never need to. I thought this is all you would ever get from life insurance, but earlier this year I started hearing about something different. An insurance that rewards you for being active.

Fitness Rewards are promoters for Vitality life and health insurance. This is a points based rewards system, that encourages a healthy lifestyle. But what does this actually mean?? It means that you build points for walking, or exercising, and it isn’t that hard to start building enough points to gain rewards. How do you record this? Well that’s the best bit, the garmin. I got a garmin 235 forerunner worth 259, half price plus a 60 off offer, so a 260 watch for 80 pounds!!!

This used to be. Once in a life plan offer, but they had now extended this to one a year thereafter at 30-40% off depending on product … Now if you run this is a deal which in itself can cover much of the insurance cost. But it’s not just for runners, there are many more products, for example for cyclist:

There are more products too, for example the 920xt for TRI!

My life insurance premium increases slightly to meet their minimum premium for a joint policy, but with this I receive serious illness cover on top of my life insurance. My two kids are also covered. But then there are the rewards:

Weekly I receive:

a Starbucks for my wife and I;

4 cinema tickets.

But what else:

50% off trainers at sweatshop;

Up to 50% of a bike at Evans worth 1,000;

50% off at virgin gyms;

Plus much much more…

You get a better rewards depending on the amount of points you get, but in short a 30 min run will get me 10 points, the max you can do a day. You can also achieve this from 12,500 steps. You only need 9 points a week to activate your weekly rewards… See it’s easy!

The max points a week is 40, and so they soon build up quick, and you can find yourself maxed out for the week by Thursday.

At the end of the year if you hit premium, I hope to by month 9 of the plan, you get cash back each plan year end. For premium that’s 200 for a joint policy! Bonus!

I’m not trying to sell something here, I genuinely believe in this insurance, and am pleased to be asked to be an ambassador. If you have life insurance, switch for free, why pay for nothing?? You get the same or better cover plus all these rewards. If you stop and work it out this insurance can actually save you money.

Do you go to Starbucks, do you go to the cinema, do you use the gym?? All these basic things could be savings in your life!

I am happy for you to contact me for any questions for someone who uses the plan, otherwise contact the team below:

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