Penguin Plod Marathon

On 12th February 2023 I took part in the Penguin Plod Marathon. It was my 3rd marathon of the year, as I am working towards 26 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money for Cancer Research. I’m proud to have ran my 118th marathon plus distance, and today’s run followed my marathon yesterday, Monkey Marathon.

Monkey Marathon

Today I started a bit later, which is a real benefit of the turn up and start format. I caught up with Pete at the start of my first lap, and he was on his 3rd, running a half. It was great to have the company for my first 2 laps as I stayed with Pete whilst he finished his half marathon. I ran slightly slower than I would have for the first 2 laps, but it gave me a great start.

The next couple of laps I decided to pick up the pace. I felt really strong, much better than yesterday, and was comfortably running a steady pace. I stopped for a quick chat at the aid station each lap, and felt good through Lap 5 until around mile 17 and 18. From this point I was getting a bit bored running alone and my motivation started to dip. At this point I was confident that even if I did slow down I would be faster than yesterday. So I let my mind win, and I slowed down.

On my final lap I started running with another runner, and sped up slightly to keep pace with her. It was her first time running on the tow path and it was nice to chat and it helped keep me going as well. Once again the company made a huge difference.

Towards the finish I saw my family waiting for me as they came to walk the dog and meet me at the end. It is always fantastic to see them at the finish.

Penguin Plod medal

A finish of 4:18:31 for my 2nd marathon in 2 days, and a medal bigger than my hand.

Penguin Plod Finish

That’s 3 marathons for 2023 and another 23 to go. What challenges have you set for yourself, I would love the know?

I was given another scratch card for RunCoin for Every Run Counts. It is a free platform which rewards you for being active. Check out and if you go to redeem code and put in P8KD4RRV you will get 25 RunCoin to get you started.

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