Running Awards 2019

In 2018 I was very pleased to pick up the Silver Award for best personal blog this year at #therunningawards I love to blog to share my experiences, and help motivate and support others on their journey. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog. My blog has been nominated once again, and it has … More Running Awards 2019

How to run a marathon faster – with Donato (therunningguru)

Running a marathon faster doesn’t just come naturally, and it’s not true that you can only do it when young. In fact many take up marathon running later in life, and arguably you get better with age. For my 6th addition of my “How to run a marathon faster series” I have Donato (therunningguru). Donato … More How to run a marathon faster – with Donato (therunningguru)

My 2018 recap

2018 has been an incredible year of running and pacing, and I will once again do a highlight review. Throughout my recap I will highlight events by their medal, share a few of my thoughts about the event, and link my race review in case you want to read some more. 2017 was amazing and … More My 2018 recap