Adidas X LEGO sport shoe review

As a child everyone loves LEGO, and I relived my childhood through my children with their Adidas X Lego sports shoes. There are a wide range to choose from and you can explore HERE. I have just noticed whilst writing this Blog that these trainers are part of the Back to School sale so you can get 30% off by using EXTRA30.

I was offered a pair for my son, gifted by Adidas, and I purchased a full price pair for my daughter.

Adidas X LEGO sports shoes

There are some subtle ranges which look stylish, but when given the option, my children went for the full LEGO colours. On first glance these trainers are impressive. We went for the velcro strap, but for an extra 5 pounds you can get laces. My children love the comfort of the trainers, and they certainly stand out in the crowd.

Pink Adidas X LEGO sports shoes

There is an actual LEGO brick as part of the sole, and the detail on every part of the trainer is exceptional. They are colourful, durable and “play time is all the time”. There is an option to personalise the trainers at an extra cost, but I decided not to.

We have been stopped numerous times and asked about the trainers. The LEGO brick cannot be felt, as some have asked if it’s uncomfortable. My daughter has only used her trainers occasionally, so they are in perfect condition. My son on the other hand has lived in his for 2 months, and this includes a few Junior Parkruns, and climbing over rocks. So the LEGO brick has expected wear and tear. But the trainer has remained in good condition, withstanding lots of play time.

Parkrun Junior

When I invested in these trainers I had thought they would stay in perfect condition. But when my son loves his so much it is better for him to get the use out of them, and they are the best trainers he has ever owned (I’m actually very jealous of his trainers). They have a unique number on the sole, so they are clearly a limited edition special range.

Play Time

My daughters are getting far less use, as she has decided she doesn’t want to do parkrun at the moment, but she loves wearing them. She had the choice of colours, and I could have put money on her choosing the pink.

Parkrun Junior

If your kids love LEGO (or you secretly do) then these are the perfect gift. I was very lucky to be gifted my first pair, but buying the second pair was an easy decision to make. I hope they carry on with this range for years to come so that I can buy more as my kids grow.

Adidas X LEGO sport shoes

2 thoughts on “Adidas X LEGO sport shoe review

  1. These are cool! Do they do adult versions …? And I’m with your daughter on running parkrun – I’m going back to volunteering only for the foreseeable future!


    1. When I got these they didn’t do adults, but launched some last week… I’m so tempted. The colours aren’t as fun though haha.

      I’m letting my daughter make.her own mind up. If I push it she won’t ever haha


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